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Madan Palai

on Double Decker Living Root Bridge 4 years ago
It is very attractive place. But u must walking to see this double decker bridge. Approx 6km distance from your staring or entry gate. Total pathway is surrounded by green forest hills and falls. All (Read More) natures are so pleasent. U may take time to reach your destiny but must see it

Pallavi Siddhanta

4 years ago
- This is definitely in the top 5 of the wettest places on Earth - after all the debates. So obviously be well equipped to tackle that. Umbrellas, rain coats, gum boots, rubber slippers, floaters are (Read More) the top priorities in your 'things to carry' list. Other than that, also carry mosquito repellant creams. If you plan to go during winters (December - Feb) do carry warm clothing.

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Q. What are some do's and donts when in Cherrapunjee? Does it really rain all year long?

Kovid Kapoor

4 years ago
donĂ¢Â?Â?t miss the living double decker root bridges while in cherrapunjee. And donĂ¢Â?Â?t go and swim anywhere you like because that can be dangerous and fatal. And yes it rains there almost throug (Read More)hout the year.
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