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Cherrapunjee houses a wide range of food options including North Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, South-Indian and Chinese cuisine as well as their slightly unique Khasi versions. The local cuisine is rich, refreshing and zesty and one must indulge in it. Pork momos and Jadoh along with rice cooked with pork blood are the specialty of this region.
Rice beer is a compulsory drink in celebration and ceremonies, religious or otherwise. Khasis ferment rice beer and through the process of distillation, making spirit out of rice or millets. Sohra Pulao is another unique delicacy popular here, prepared only with vegetables and oil, without using any spices.

Here are the top 4 restaurants in Cherrapunji:

1. Orange Roots

4.0 /5
Mot Karahi, Cherrapunjee, 793108, India 
8:30PM-5:30PM & Sunday 9:30PM-6:30PM
INR 500

If you are looking for a sumptuous vegetarian dish, you should visit this place. They have a good range of options available which also includes a Thali. Also one can enjoy the tea here.

2. Avron Restaurant

4.0 /5
Sohra Thangkharang road, Saitsohpen Village, Sohra, Cherrapunjee 
Chinese, Indian

It is one of the busiest places in town that serves some Chinese and Indian delicacies. They also have some regional dishes that taste surprisingly good. They also pack some meals for the backpackers which is perfect.

3. Chef Cherrapunjee

4.0 /5
Shillong-Cherrapunjee Road, Mawkdok, Cherrapunjee 793111, India (Formerly Drive in Cafeteria) 
Chinese, Indian, Continental
8:30PM- 8:30PM
INR 500

A peaceful place to enjoy your morning breakfast with amazing coffee. The serenity and view of the place makes it a must visit for the travelers.

4. Halari Restaurant

3.0 /5
Saitsohpen Junction, Saitsohpen,Sohra-Shella Rd Sohra, Meghalaya 793108 
Chinese, Indian

The food is fairly good and decent. However, the menu has restricted options.

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