Food of Mawsynram

For the foodies, the eating choices in Mawsynram are limited although eating in Cherrapunjee can be a memorable experience. You can relish Khasi cuisine such as pork rice and more. Shops selling pork and other red meat flourish in the town. Sohra Pulao which is rice cooked with oil and vegetables without spices is a must try for everyone visiting this place.
One will also find Indian Chinese, Punjabi and Bengali cuisines in Cherrapunjee. But the specialty of the region lies in the fact that theses will mostly be the Khasi version of these cuisines.

Here are the top 2 restaurants in Mawsynram:

1. Trattoria's

3.0 /5
Glory's Plaza lane, GS Road, near Police Bazaar 
INR 150 For Two

Enjoy a midday meal at this busy eatery frequented by the locals. The best local Khasi dishes such as Ja Doh (rice stewed in pig blood) and curried pig innards are the dishes you must try here.

2. Ginger Restaurant

4.0 /5
Hotel Polo Towers, Polo Bazaar - Polo Grounds, Shillong, India 
Italian, Continental
INR 300-400 For two

Get comfortable here and let your taste buds relish a break from typical Indian cuisines as you indulge in pasta, crepes, cannelloni, stroganoff or a fruit sundae here. Attached with this is the futuristic, metal-paneled bar Platinum, and a faux British pub.

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