Best Time To Visit Borobudur

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What is the best time to visit Borobudur?

The best time to visit the Borobodur is from April to August. It is neither too hot nor too cold during this time of the year, and the mornings are pleasant. The spring starts September onwards, and the region experiences rainfall, which continues till November. During the summer season, which lasts from December to March, the weather is hot and humid with the highest amount of rainfall in the year.

Weather in Borobudur


Upcoming Borobudur Weather

Monthly Weather in Borobudur

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 22° 25 days
February 30°/ 22° 28 days
March 30°/ 22° 29 days
April 31°/ 22° 27 days
May 31°/ 21° 12 days
June 31°/ 19° 3 days
July 30°/ 18° 2 days
August 30°/ 18° 0 days
September 32°/ 18° 1 days
October 32°/ 20° 3 days
November 31°/ 21° 20 days
December 31°/ 22° 31 days

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Borobudur in Dry Season (April - October)

The best time to visit Borobudur Temple is during April - October, which constitutes the dry season. The lack of rainfall makes it easy for tourists to meander along the temple complex comfortably and transportation facilities to and from Borobudur is not hampered.

Borobudur in Wet Season (November - March)

It is unadvisable to visit Borobudur during the wet season, which lasts from November to March, as the constant rainfall masks the beauty of the temple complex and makes getting to, and from, Borobudur difficult.

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