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How to Reach Boracay from India

There are a number of airlines that would take you directly to Philippines such as Jet Airways, Cebu Pacific etc. From there you would be required to either take a ferry or take any other domestic flight.

Visa Policy for Indians

You can either get visa on arrival or you can apply for the one in India. You would need a single entry or multiple entry visa. This visa can be obtained from the office located in New Delhi and the cost for single entry is Rs.9853 while that for multiple entry is Rs. 12133.

How to reach Boracay by flight

You would get plenty of direct international flights upto Manila which is the capital of Philippines. From here you can take a domestic flight to Boracay.

How to reach Boracay by road

There isn't any route to this island by cab or car.

How to reach Boracay by train

There isn't any route by train to this island.

Local transport in Boracay

As mentioned before it is a beach and that too a small one, therefore you can move around on foot.Although you can also get a tricycle for moving around.

Boracay Photos

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