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Puka Shell Beach, Boracay Overview

Boasting of coarse white sand and beautiful views of the sea and the sun, Puka Shell is an 800 metre long beach in Boracay which is one of the commercial and most popular beaches in the region. Fronted by a magnanimous cliff alongside a dense green wood, the beach gets its name from the puka shells that were found in abundance at the shores here in the olden days. The beach also has several shacks and souvenir shops which is also one of the important reasons that draws hordes of tourists at the spot. However, the beach is not very ideal for swimming as the water gets really deep really quickly.

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Divisions at the Puka Shell Beach

  1. The first section of the beach is the Entrance which is lined with a plethora of souvenir shops, apparel and footwear stores, shacks and cute cafes. At this spot, you can also find the rustic ‘Puka Beach’ sign which is made in corals, driftwood, shells and twigs. This is the prime spot where people prefer to take pictures and selfies.
  2. The far left end of the beach is considered to be the most gorgeous area of the beach replete with utmost serenity, quietude and ataraxy. The area is even less crowded, has little establishments and boasts of lush greenery. Popular as a picnic spot, the place is a favourite among solitude seekers.
  3. Bil-At Beach is a tinier sub-division of Puka Beach located towards the right of the entrance. The path to it can only be traced during low tide. On medium and high tides, you will have to swim your way here.

Things to Do at the Puka Shell Beach

Aside from the regular sunbathing, lazing, relaxing and watching gorgeous sunsets on Puka Beach, there are several other activities and adventure sports that you can try your hand at, at the Puka Shell Beach. Take a look at the list below.
  1. Kayaking: Kayaking or Paddle Boating is one of the common activities at the beach. You can float atop the warm indigo waters and enjoy mesmerising views of the shores from a distance.
  2. Swimming: Swimming is an activity that is only restricted to professional swimmers here as the water tend to get deeper very close by. However, even if you decide to swim here, be careful not to go beyond 5 metres of distance.
  3. Volleyball: Volleyball is another popular sports that you can play at the beach. The beach has several nets installed here and there, so that people can come enjoy themselves.
  4. Massage: You can also find several masseuses and masseurs at the beach that can give you relaxing and rejuvenating massages. So while lazing on the shores or after a hectic session of games, be sure to pamper yourself with beachside massages.
  5. Shacks: In addition to this, you can also chill at the beachside cafes and shacks. Here you can enjoy delicious food and even better cocktails. 
  6. Picnic: Alternatively, you can also get your own food and drinks and hold a small picnic on your own amidst beautiful views of the sea, sun and sand. This is one of the best things to do on the beach.


  1. In case, you are enjoying a picnic here, remember to carry your trash back. Do not litter or leave your garbage on the beach.
  2. If you are shopping on the beach, the shopkeepers tend to quote exorbitant prices for their goods. Remember to bargain well before you settle on buying anything.
  3. It is advisable to carry your own food and drinks (also water) as the shacks have priced their products really high.

Best Time to Visit

Morning time is the best time to visit the Puka Shell Beach as the shores have minimum crowd and you can enjoy almost all the beach to yourself in solitude. The noon time is the busiest time of the day. At this time, you will find the maximum tourists and you can find several partners for games like volleyball and the like. Evening time is also ideal to visit the beach as you can witness some of the most beautiful sunsets here. The skies turn into shades of golden, orange and purple which is an absolute visual delight.

How to Reach

Puka Shell Beach is situated on the northern end of Boracay which is approximately a 20 min ride from the centre. You can reach here in a tricycle (approx. cost PHP 150) or on a motorcycle (approx. cost PHO 100 - 150). Alternatively, you can also rent a private boat in case you want a more scenic commuting option. However, this will be relatively more expensive.

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