4 Best Sunrise Spots at Boracay Island

Serving as the beach capital of the Philippines, Boracay is an ideal weekend getaway spot for tourists coming from all over the world. Boracay is one of the best island destinations in the world offering the most happening sea sports and activities like cliff jumping, parasailing, helmet diving and paddleboarding. Famously known for its pristine white sand beaches, distinct communities and vibrant nightlife, the sunrise on this 4 kilometre stretched white sand beach is a spellbinding sight. The yellow sun rising over the clear waters tinged in a shade of bright turquoise calls for an unimaginative experience. 

Here are the best places to catch the sunrise on the island -

1. Puka Beach


At Boracay, summer is the best time to hit the beach, especially during March when the summer officially begins. While the White Beach hosts millions of tourists every year, the Puka Beach is a hidden jewel famously known for the rare puka shells found on the island’s northern tip. The 800 meters long stretched beach is adorned by beautiful puka shells of different shapes, sizes, and colours. 

The multi-colored shells, clear emerald-green waters, and brilliant sunrise on the dreamy beach are enough reasons to visit this piece of paradise. The sun usually rises at 6:00 AM when the beach is absorbed in a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. 

Puka Beach is located at the northernmost point of Boracay island. To get to Puka Beach, you can hop on a tricycle from D’Mall or White Beach and reach within 15 minutes. Island hopping tours also take you to Puka Beach by boat.   

2. Bulabog Beach


Located on the quieter east side of the island, Bulabog Beach is the sports capital of Boracay. This side of the island is less commercialized and quieter, allowing tourists to retreat from the crowds into a peaceful and calm environment. When the winds blow, you will find adventurers kitesurfing and windsurfing in the tropical scenery of Boracay. Tourists can frolic on the incredible beaches and take a leisurely stroll on the candy soft sands.

The sunrise is a definite bonus at Boracay and is worth giving up your sleep for. Teasing the dark indigo sky away, the sunrise gently paints the sky in shades of pink and purple and then turns into a canvas of orange, yellow, and red hues. This spectacular seascape in the fresh air and calmness of the sea looks absolutely divine.

3. Mount Luho


What better way to admire a sunrise than getting on top of a mountain? Considered a top spot to watch the sun come up, Mount Luho is the highest point in Boracay. To get there, you can hire a tricycle or simply put on your hiking boots and hike up by the lush nature. Once you reach the top, there is an observation deck that offers panoramic views of the entire island leaving you mesmerized.

From atop you will witness the sun beautifully appearing over the azure blue horizon blending into the gentle emerald green sea towards the coastline. The timings differ according to the time of the year, so make sure to check the sunrise time a night before and hike up to the top accordingly. 

Note: Mount Luho has an entry fee of PHP 120 (USD 2.5)

4. Balinghai Beach


Another hidden paradise in Boracay, Balinghai is not like the other beaches on the island. With gigantic rocks scattered around the coast, the beach is carved within a cliff where the rising sun casts dramatic shadows making for a wonderful Instagram-worthy backdrop. 

The best part about Balinghai is that it is isolated away from the other beaches, hence offering an undisturbed and peaceful environment. Get to the beach early and you will be accompanied only by the picturesque landscapes and the sound of the waves.

It is true when they say - ‘The secret to a good morning is to watch the sunrise with a good heart!’ So, bask in the energy of the sun and watch it paint a magical frame below by the pristine white sand beaches.

This post was published by Shivani Asudkar

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