Here are the top 6 tourist places in Germany

1. Frankfurt

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1 out of 6
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Frankfurt is one of the most important locations in the world of European Finance, owing the the headquarters of the European Central Bank being located here. While the cityscape is populated with loads of modern buildings and urban skyscrapers owing to its significance in the global village, it is ...

Best Time: March to June

2. Hamburg

4.5 /5

2 out of 6
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Germany's second largest city, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is one of the few cities in Germany that still retains its old-world charm inspite of being a hotbed for global activity and a base for many important German and World institutions. The chief port city of Germany, it is made of an...

Best Time: April to August

3. Dusseldorf

4.2 /5

3 out of 6
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A grand city in West Germany, Dusseldorf serves as the fashion and arts centre of the country. It's a beautiful city lying along the majestic Rhine river, up until the confluence of the river with the Dussel tributary. An economic hub of the region, this city screams modern with its contemporary and...

Best Time: May to June, September to December

4. Munich

4.4 /5 View 270+ photos

4 out of 6
Places To Visit in Germany 16
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Munich today is the technology capital, that values quality of life over and above all other aspects. Nevertheless the Bavarian city retains a medieval charm. It's a city that guilelessly blends modernity and tradition. The chic and the fashionable co exist with Lederhosen (Leather pants), rustic be...

Best Time: March to May

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5. Berlin

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5 out of 6
Places To Visit in Germany 26
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Berlin is all things exuberant and vibrant. It is extravagant, yet affordable; cosmopolitan and forward, yet steeped in rich history. The morbid days of Cold War and a city divided by the Wall are long forgotten and the reunified capital beats fast as the heart of Germany.

Best Time: May to September

6. Dresden

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6 out of 6
Places To Visit in Germany 15
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After decades of postwar reconstruction, the city has restored its classic baroque skyline while also adding newly renovated museums, edgy architecture, and innovative restaurants. Music, food, porcelain, the 'world's most beautiful dairy' and the Blue Wonder, the Saxon capital is packed with a punc...

Best Time: May to October

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