Mega Mall Batam Centre

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Timings : 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

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Mega Mall Batam Centre, Batam Overview

Mega Mall Batam Centre is one of the most popular malls and a central business area in Batam City. The mall looks pretty impressive from outside with its monumental architecture. It consists of various levels that look after a customer's different needs. Be it the Hypermart or the Cinema XXI, the shopping mall has it all. Mega Mall Batam Centre is known for the variety of available goods at extremely reasonable prices.

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Inside Batam City Square Mall

Shopping: The mall is not one of the flashy kinds with boutiques and brands of various kinds. It instead is based on the more sophisticated and simple tastes. Inside there are stores like the Hypermart, Electronic and Home Solutions, Matahari Department Store and so on. Hypermart is like an all-rounder departmental store selling daily items one need.  Matahari is a local clothes shop selling a beautiful range of amazing clothes.

Dining: Foodies can have a really good time here with the number of options available to indulge in. There are both fast food joints like KFC, Starbucks, Baskin Robbins and A&W and also restaurants serving their local cuisine.

Cinema & Entertainment: There is a movie hall named Cinema XXI. Kids really enjoy the TimeZone – the gaming zone in the arcade. The ground floor of the mall is relatively empty compared to the other levels as this is the place where the daily events take place. In fact Mega Mall is lively because of the number of events that take place here.

How To Reach Mega Mall Batam Centre

The Mega Mall Batam Centre is located on the Tering Batam Kota in Raiu which is towards the  southwest of Batam. It is integrated with a number of other structures and thus is located in an area where both governmental activities and residential activities go on. Locally, tourists can take taxis to reach the place. The nearest bus station to the place is Changi Naval Base.

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