Weather :

Timings :
Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Time Required : 1 - 2 hours

Entry Fee :
Adults: THB 200
Children (below 13 years): THB 50

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Snake Farm, Bangkok Overview

Opened to the public in the year 1923, the snake farm in Bangkok, part of the Thai Red Cross Institute (formerly the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute) has large pits and mesh enclosures to host its reptile residents. Also called “Suan Nguu”, the snake farm hosts a variety of venomous and non-venomous snakes. It’s the second oldest such snake farm in the world after a snake farm in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The Snake Farm functions on ethical grounds of respecting snakes as an essential part of our ecology. The snakes here are left to their own devices in their new habitats. The handlers and caretakers here are well-trained in handling the reptiles. They deal with many types of snakes like rainbow snakes, green tree snakes, and even the dangerous striped branded krait every day. It’s no wonder that this place sees almost 50,000 tourists every year!


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Snake Farm Activities

The Snake Farm in Bangkok specialises in the farming of snakes. Called ‘milking’, the process involves extracting venom that is used to create antidotes for seven of the most common snake bites. The snake farm conducts public snake-milking along with handling demonstrations to teach visitors how to handle snakes in urban and rural settings safely. It’s believed to be one of Asia’s most respected anti-venom producing facilities.

Monday - Friday: 2:00 PM,
Saturday, Sunday: 11:00 AM

Snake Handler at Snake Farm Bangkok
Snake Handlers Demonstrate How to Be Around Snakes at the Snake Farm in Bangkok

Visitors are taken to a 100-seater auditorium where the snake keeper arrives with snakes in his arms. The highlight of this show is the arrival of the King Cobra, which is equally thrilling as it is scary. You’ll get to watch how the keeper handles the snakes, waiting and pre-empting their every movement, and even encourage you to touch them. Where else will you get an opportunity to hold a python or boa constrictor in a safe environment?

King Cobra at Snake Farm Bangkok
The King Cobras are the Highlight of the Snake Farm in Bangkok
The keeper’s introduction of the snakes varies from species to species. Most often than not, you’ll get to learn a lot about the role of snakes in the ecosystem, especially in farmlands, where they help in getting rid of pests. The snake farm works hard to show you that not all snakes are harmful or dangerous. With this understanding, the Snake Farm aims at creating awareness of their behaviour and that it’s entirely possible to co-exist without any harm or danger.

Snake Enclosures at the Snake Farm Bangkok

The snake farm has enjoyed patronage from Thailand’s royal family since its inception. His Royal Highness Prince Paribatra Sukhumbhand served as Vice President of the Red Cross Society in the country in the 1920s. With his siblings, Her Royal Highness Princess Sasipong Prapai and His Royal Highness Prince Burachat Chaiyakorn, Prince Paribatra created the Simaseng Fund (more commonly called the “Four Snake Fund”). This Fund was used to build the Simaseng Building, dedicated to providing medical attention and shelters to the snakes here. Seven decades later, the building was demolished to make room for a larger enclosure. 

Snake Skeleton at Snake Farm Bangkok
The Snake Farm in Bangkok has Various Information
Regarding Snakes

Of the building’s five floors, only the first two floors are open to the public. They serve as the exhibition areas for the farm’s 30+ species of snakes. The levels also have a vast area where they hold demonstrations, especially for venom extraction. The second floors host an interactive museum that discusses the life cycle, anatomy, reproduction, first aid, and other factors relating to snakes. The signs are written in both Thai and English for increased accessibility to tourists.

Snake Enclosure at Snake Farm Bangkok
The Outdoor Section of the Snake Farm in Bangkok has Snakes Kept in Climate Controlled Enclosures
In the farm’s outdoor exhibits, you’ll typically find tropical snakes in cages that are used to the country’s climate. Inside the building, the farm has a large, well-maintained indoor facility along a marked path. Some of the snakes housed at the snake farm include the King Cobra, Russell’s viper, Siamese Cobra, big-eyed pit viper, Malayan Krait, and ornate gliding snakes.

Interesting Facts about the Snake Farm

  • Through their exhibits and weekly demonstrations, the Snake Farm in Bangkok aims to replace fear with respect for snakes of all kinds. So whether you’re a big fan of snakes or just plain curious about them, this snake farm is the best way to get all the essential information under one roof. 
  • You’ll be interested to know that Thailand is home to almost 200 species of snakes, but of this number, only 60 species are poisonous.
  • Most of these venomous species are aquatic, living in the water and having little interaction with humans. This means that there are a very small percentage of snakes that pose a threat to humans.

Visitor Tips

  • As snakes are most active in the mornings, we’d recommend visiting before 11:00 AM on any day. You can easily spend two to three hours here, roaming the exhibitions and catching a live snake show.
  • Even though the Snake Farm is primarily a building, the outdoor exhibits can get particularly hot during the day. Don’t forget to pack a hat and sunscreen!
Snakes at Snake Farm Bangkok
Snake Farm in Bangkok, Thailand
Snakes might seem scary at first, but as the snake farm hopes to show us, they’re relatively harmless like most of us. The majority of snakes we encounter daily aren’t even poisonous. Offering a unique opportunity to interact with these reptiles in a safe environment (even letting you hold a King Cobra!), Bangkok’s Snake Farm is a great way to spend the day.

How To Reach Snake Farm

Snake Farm Bangkok Thailand
The Snake Farm is located in the Queen Saobhava Memorial Institute of Downtown Bangkok in Thailand
The Snake Farm, located in the Thai Red Cross Institute, is located in downtown Bangkok at 1871 Rama IV Road at the intersection with Henry Dunant Road, next to the DTAC Building. Since it is a popular tourist destination, it is well-known amongst cab drivers. It is easily accessible by public transport through the well-connected BTS or MRT systems. You can reach the snake farm from Saladeng BTS Station or Sam Yan and Silom MRT Station. On exiting any of these stations, is just a five-minute walk to reach the snake farm.

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