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Ken Chiramel

4 years ago
The largest city in the West Java province, Bandung is a hill-station lying almost a 100km outside the capital city of Jakarta. Surrounded by dormant volcanoes and tea and coffee plantations, Bandung (Read More) adopts a very dramatic landscape. A volcanic crater named Kawah Putih, loosely translated to white crater, lies at the heart of Bandung. A large crater filled with aquamarine water that is naturally heated by the magma flowing underneath it is a spectacular view. The distinctive smell of sulphur, akin to rotten eggs almost, permeates the air. Skywalks made of bamboo snake up the surrounding ridges and gives visitors panoramic views of the crater itself from an elevated position. Tourists can go into the crater, and look at abandoned sulphur mines, which give the place its moniker. ATVs can also be rented if visitors wish for a more unconventional mode of the almost alien-looking landscape. Strawberry-picking and tea-leaf picking through the many plantations allow people to walk through them at their own leisurely pace.

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