Yoga in Orlando: 12 Yoga Places to Soothe Your Mind and Body

While visiting a city, keeping your health sound and mind in peace, you need to indulge in yoga and meditation. That is where yoga in Orlando comes to help you in finding the most affordable and approachable studios where you can have multi-faceted facilities. After a tiring day or night out in Florida, a lovely massage or mediation will soothe you while the yoga postures will help easing up any cramped muscle. Women can make the best out of aerial fitness, flow yoga and cardio at the two-storied 4500 square-feet studio of Vixen Fitness that offers seventy classes each week.

There is Breathlink Yoga Therapy founded by Nancy Sinton that offers yoga-centric therapy for those going through mental, physical, spiritual or emotional changes. The Empower Yoga in association with yoga students from Orlando provides yoga flow, chair yoga, gentle flow and prenatal yoga. Opened in 2017, the Peaceful Peacock caters to beginners and experienced alike with yoga, Ayurveda counseling, massage therapies and reiki throughout the week. 

12 Best Places for Yoga in Orlando

1. Orlando Power Yoga


Located on South Street, Conroy Road and Bumby Avenue, Orlando Power Yoga offers hot power vinyasa yoga in 89-98-degree Centigrade temperature. The Yin Yoga focused on breath and meditation is slow and perfect for beginner students at 79-89-degree temperature although beginner classes will be unheated. The 90-minute Bikram Yoga with two breathing techniques and 26 poses is challenging with a concise goal. 
Cost: USD 17 for drop-in, USD 108 for 10 class card and monthly unlimited class, USD 10 for military or first responder, USD 1111 for a year, USD 30 for virtual yoga, USD 40 for 40 days
Highlights: Heated Yin Yoga, Hot Hatha Yoga, Acupuncture

 2. Project 7 Yoga


For yoga in Orlando, Project 7 Yoga founded by RYT 200 certified Mary Brown offers heated and unheated Vinyasa Flow, power yoga, Rise & Flow, Flow & Stretch and Yin Deep Stretch at first-come-first-serve basis at outdoor and the schedule for each day of the week varies according to the sessions.  
Cost: USD 15 for one week on first visit. USD 10, 45, 80 and 140 for one, five, ten and twenty classes respectively
Timings: Outdoor yoga on weeknights from 5:30 PM and on weekends from 9:30 AM
Highlights: Spacious area for outdoor yoga. 200 and 300-hour teacher training

3. Inspirit Yoga Studio


Be it the boutique equipped with oils, healing rocks, pendulums, herbs and more, or the regular events and workshops –Inspirit Yoga Studio has something for everyone. There is a Yoga Teacher Training program and massage therapy for 50 minutes at Orlando School of Therapeutic Massage at USD 25.  
Cost: USD 7 for single class drop-in, USD 55 for a month, USD 99 for three months for new student
Highlights: Inspirit Flow, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Heart Sharing Circle, Corporate Yoga

4. College Park Yoga


From yoga events on special days like Labor Day, 4th July, Thanksgiving etc to private yoga therapy, corporate classes and teacher training sessions, College Park Yoga serves its students with physically strenuous yoga, breathing and relaxation. Run by Theresa and Calvin, there are beginner-friendly classes, meditation and yoga for everyone including pregnant, injured or inflexible people.  
Highlights: 75-90 minute long classes at 90-degree temperature.
Private sessions, workshops, daily group classes, Liquid Fire Yoga, Yoga 101, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga

5. Elevate Yoga Center


Tucked in SoHo district, Elevate Yoga Center features premium Tatami padded comfortable and safe Zebra flooring for yoga in Orlando. Anyone aged thirteen years and older can enjoy Earth and Air classes and workshops. There are Terrestrial and Aerial Teacher Training programs.    
Cost: USD 25 for 5 classes in two months and USD 48 for one month for new students, USD 85 for one month unlimited, USD 800 for one year, USD 15 for Earth, USD 20 for Air, USD 25 for premium Drop-in classes.  
Timings: 6:30 PM to 9 PM on Friday, 9:15 AM till 6 PM ON Saturday and 9:15 AM till 4:30 PM on Sunday for Terrestrial Yoga and Aerial Yoga from 9:15 AM till 4:45 PM on Saturday-Sunday.
Highlights: Yin and Restore, Hatha, Empower, Aerial training, Aerial 55-hour training, Earth 200-hour training

6. Guruv Yoga Studio


The studio in Downtown Orlando Whole Food Plaza run by Tymi Howard offers yoga sessions in the park and virtual classes. You can also get private and small group sessions, teacher training courses and 60-minute pilates reformer sessions.
Cost: USD 13.60 for drop-in class, USD 51 for 5-class, USD 97.75 for 10-class and USD 182.75 for 20-class series for 60 days, USD 88 for 30-day membership in studio and USD 45 for new students for a month, USD 60 for private session
Highlights: Power yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates, Teacher Training

 7. Bikram Yoga West Orlando


Created by Bikram Choudhury, this studio for yoga in Orlando offers yoga classes of variegated and traditional Hatha style where each class runs for 60 and 90 minutes with intense practice of 26 poses and two breathing exercises. Swedish, athletic, hot stone and deep-tissue massages with skincare treatments like facials, waxing, back cleaning and deep skin cleansing are also offered.    
Cost: USD 65 of 7 days with towel and mat, USD 17 for Single Class, USD 125 for 10-class card, USD 125 for one month, USD 340 for 3 months, USD 575 for 6 months and USD 1100 for a year
Timings: From 6:15 AM to 7:45 daily
Highlights: Private training, Flex, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, HIIT Hot Pilates

8. Warrior ONE Yoga + Row + Spin


Warrior ONE in Corrine Drive is a laid-back facility offering power yoga, power core, cool flow, deep stretch, Yin yoga, restorative yoga, hot LSD (Long Slow Deep), happy hips and hamstrings, slow flow, spinning, strength and weight express, rowing classes and meditation.  

Cost: USD 15 for single drop-in class, USD 39 for unlimited classes for a month for new students, USD 69-79 monthly for cardio and spin, USD 99 for ONE program for all classes for a month, USD 68 for 5-class, USD 118 for 10-class and USD 189 for 20-class. Kids aged between three and twelve can enjoy kids yoga while beginners can try Yoga Gentle and Yoga Basics class.   
Timings: 5 AM till 9 PM from Monday through Friday, 8 AM till 8 PM on Saturday and 7 AM till 9 PM on Sunday
Highlights: Journey Into Power, Power Yoga, Spinning, Rowing, Cardio and Workout classes, yoga for kids, meditation, teacher training

9. South West Orlando Yoga


Catering only 2-4 students per session of yoga in Orlando, the cozy setup of SouthWest Orlando Yoga run by Gary Lishin will offer vinyasa flow, gentle flow, rehabilitative yoga therapy and physical awareness programs. The classes are designed in personalized way to suit the intensity level of all students . 
Cost: USD 14 for single drop-in class, USD 88 valid for five months for 8 classes anytime and USD 48 valid for four months for 4 classes anytime.
Highlights: Personalized classes of Vinyasa, body awareness and gentle flow

 10. YogaMix Orlando


With a 16-feet ceiling, abundance of indoor plants and sufficient sunlight playing in the “cleanest studio in town”, YogaMix studio run by Gina caters professional athletes, teams and individuals. Enjoy private and semi-private sessions of musical Power Yoga, poolside or rooftop flow, beach yoga, Yin and Restorative yoga, Kundalini Yoga, meditation, Foam rolling, Thai Yoga, prenatal and postnatal yoga, reiki, HIIT, pilates, barre, cardio and different types of dance routines.     
Cost: USD 12 for day pass, USD 30 for monthly unlimited, USD 199 for yearly unlimited, USD 90 for 1-hour private session for two, USD 60 and USD 75 for 30 and 45 minutes starter session respectively.  
Highlights: 55-60 minute Yoga of different genres, Sound Healing, Restore, Rock & Flow, Vibe High Vinyasa, YogaMix Flow, HIIT, Sweat & Stretch, DOWN DAWG, Slow Flow, HIIT, Hot/Warm Flow, Pool Deck Yoga, Goat Yoga, Rooftop Yoga, Kundalini Immunity Boost, Ashtanga, Breathing Exercises and dance

11. Yoga At Lake Eola


If you want to enjoy free yoga in an easy-breezy outdoor setup, pack your mats and accessories and arrive at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando on any Sunday before 11 AM. Donations are welcome here although the classes are free and suitable for everyone. Classes are held near the amphitheater or Panera
Cost: Free
Timings: 11 AM every Sunday
Highlights: Outdoor yoga sessions for every level

12. Live Oak Yoga And Massage


Certified and advanced therapists and instructors provide yoga lessons, reflexology services and massage therapy at Live Oak Yoga and Massage. You can get several services like reiki, Ayurvedic healing therapies, Thai massage, reiki, myofascial massage, cupping, weight management consultation and also a thorough examination of your body for Ayurvedic consultation. There are bilingual private yoga classes for families, beginners and experts.   
Cost: USD 15 for one-time, USD 30 for one month, USD 75 for private 1-hour yoga, USD 180 and USD 250 for three and five sessions.  
Highlights: Ayurveda therapies, mental health awareness, massage therapy, workshops
There are also Altamonte Springs Yoga, Body In Unity Yoga, Empower Yoga, Red Sun Yoga, Serenity Now Yoga, Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness and the Kundalini Yoga Center nearby Orlando. If you think there are some yoga studios in Orlando that were missed here, do let us know in the comments.

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