Sunset in Orlando: The 6 Best Places to Enjoy the Amazing Sight

It is a little known fact that the Theme Park Capital of the world, Orlando is also known for the beautiful red, oranges and yellows of sunsets. The countless beaches, parks, and lakes here, make it a perfect spot to enjoy sunsets from every angle, viewpoint, setting, and at almost every day of the year. A sunset really does make the perfect end to a perfect day, especially after an eventful one in the vibrant city of Orlando.

Who doesn’t love a good, warm sunset? Let us go through the list of sunsets in Orlando for you to bathe in, on your trip: 

The 6 Best Places for Enjoying the Sunset in Orlando

1. The Wheel at Icon Park


Park Orlando, is listed among the Forbes list of 7 best attractions in Orlando. The Wheel, is a 400-foot Observation wheel that provides the guests a breath-taking view of the many attractions that complete the city of Orlando. Provided you arrive at the correct time, this wheel can show you one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever watch, since The Wheel is addressed as the brightest beacon in the sky of Orlando.

Cost: General Admission- $27.99 per person per ride, VIP experience- $32.49 per person per ride
Timings: Sunday-Thursday 1pm to 9pm, Friday 1pm to 10pm, Saturday 1pm to11pm
Note. The entire ride at inside The Wheel will take about 18 minutes

2. Lake Eola Park


Located in Downtown Florida, Lake Eola Park offers many attractions like Paddleboats, a Chinese pagoda, Walt Disney Ampitheatre, and a playground. Among these, the lake and its boats are the best attractions because they provide a scenic view of the Orlando skyline. Make sure you ride in the boat while the sun is setting, as it is the best way to view a sunset from a ground-level point of view. 

Cost: Entry to the park is free, renting the boats for a 30- minute ride is $15. 
Timings: 6am to 12am  
Note. Boats can seat up to 5 people

3. Lake Ivanhoe Park


Lake Ivanhoe Park is located in Florida, Orlando, and is a popular spot for tourists. You can find plenty of things to do here, including biking, jogging, dog, walking, but the main take away of the spot is boating. You can clearly see the sun setting on the border of the lake and can enjoy this view while boating across the tranquil oasis.

Timings: 6am to 11pm
Note. Paid Parking available, Entry to the park is free

4. Citrus Club


Citrus Club is located on the 18th floor of the Citrus Centre, Orlando. The club, at its height, provides the most scenic views of Orlando. From this point, you can have a view of the Florida sun setting deep on the outskirts of the city. This club also provides various fitness, spa, and dining activities for the guests to enjoy.

Timings: Tuesday-Friday:7am to 9pm, Monday: 7am to 4pm, Saturday: 5pm to 9pm
Cost: Price for one day dining $35- $55
Note. Monthly memberships available

5. Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach in Orlando displays one of the most amazing sunsets, thanks to the warm climate, beachy waves and the unending horizon. You can watch the sun set while you lay on the soft sand, play in the ocean water, or on special dinner cruise ships too!

Cost: Entry is free
Note. Public Parking availableIt may take you 50 minutes to reach Daytona beach from Orlando

6. Universal's Loews Portofino Bay Hotel


Located in Universal Resorts Orlando, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel displays an Italian theme of sites, including lakes and outdoor pools. The main attractions of these pools are the mesmerizing views that can be spotted during sunrise and sunsets. Make sure you do not miss the Musica Della Notte every evening during the sunsets, which is a mix of opera, romantic and festive music. Viewing the sunset here is a treat to both the eyes and the ears!
Cost: Free for 1 night, 2 days $500-$600
Note. Free parking and Wi-Fi available
These were some of the most marvellous sunset spots in Orlando. Do you think we missed out on some more sunsets in Orlando? Are there any other destinations across the world that you would like us to write about? Do let us know in the comments below! Visit our page for more such interesting travel blogs. We wish you safe travels!

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