Snorkelling in Maui: Go on an Underwater Adventure!

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Being the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands, snorkelling in Maui comes with a large variety of options. Irrespective of whether you are a trained snorkeller or an amateur, dive into the blue clear water and enjoy the serenity of the island. The wide variety of marine life and stunning aquatic habitats of these animals make snorkelling in Maui one of the best places in the world to enjoy this activity!

Here are our Favourite Centres for Snorkelling in Maui:

 1. Maui Diving- Scuba and Snorkel Center

Maui Diving- Scuba and Snorkeling Center

With the most experienced instructors, Maui Diving Scuba and Snorkel Center provides you with a guided trip on a boat as well as on land. They provide boat rides to Molokini and Turtle Town, as well as lanai’I to snorkelers. The small boats fit around 20 people and the bigger boats with a slide fit around 150 people. They also have a shop from where you can rent all the equipment that you need for snorkeling. They organize classes for beginners as well. 

Address- 910 Honoapiilani Highway Annex A, Lahaina, HI 96761, United States
Pricing- Price ranges from $85 to $159.
Operating Hours- Open from 8 am to 5 pm every day.  

2. Dive Maui

Dive Maui

Dive Maui provides a Maui Deluxe 2 Tank Boat trip which will help you to explore underwater. In addition to snorkeling, they also provide a lot of services, like scuba diving, whale watching, and boat trips. They also have beginner friendly dive sites to be explored. 

Address- 1223 Front Street Lahaina, HI 96761, United States
Operating hours- Open from 8 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 11 pm on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.
Pricing- $135 for snorkelers.
Parking- There is a small parking lot in front of the shop.
Total Duration- 5 and a half hours.

3. Shoreline Snorkel

Shoreline Snorkel

There are different snorkeling tours offered by this center like Guided Beach Snorkel Tour, no boats are needed for this. They also have Three Beach Adventure- West Maui, which is suitable for kids and includes transportation, snorkel gears, and drinks. Snorkel 101, done close to the shore or in the shallow water for all the first timers. They also provide night Snorkel Adventure which allows around 2-6 people and lets you enjoy the bioluminescence. They also work hard to preserve and protect the marine life. 

Address- 5900 Lower Honoapiilani rd, United States
Operating hours- Open from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm every day. 
Pricing- The price for snorkeling ranges from $99 per person to $189 per person. 
Total duration- Ranges 2 hours to 5 hours depending on the tour.  

4. Destination Diving and Snorkel Maui

Destination Diving and Snorkel Maui

The private snorkel tours conducted by Destination Diving and Snorkel Maui provide you with an instructor who is a rescue diver, dive master, scuba instructor, and a wildlife biologist. The prices cover an experienced guide as well as all the equipment. Explore the wonders and creatures under water and make memories that will stay for a lifetime. 

Address- PMB #7336, Front St #126, Lahaina, HI 96761, United States
Operating hours- Open from 7 am to 9 pm every day.
 Pricing- Personalized packages are available. 
Two Hour Excursion at One Location: $75 per person.
Three Hour Excursion at Two Locations: $100 per person.

Best Spots for Snorkelling in Maui

1.  Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay

About 600 feet from the beach, you will find the catamarans dropping snorkelers off in the spot where they explore groove formations and beautiful corals. There is a wide variety of fishes, like Raccoon, Boxfish, Coris, Filefish, Goatfish, etc., and also turtles that you can enjoy. You can see large rocks and interesting channels, spur, caves, and boulders that form beautiful topography underwater. 

Distance from Maui- 46.1 miles which take around 1 hour. 
Parking- For hassle-free parking try to get in before 8:30 am.  

2. Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens

Coral gardens are home to a large number of wonderful fishes like angelfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, etc. If you are lucky, you can also get to see turtles, octopuses, crabs, and eels. You will get to snorkel with the view of the West Maui Mountains which makes the area perfect for snorkeling. In the winter months, you can see the humpback whales and in the summers, dolphins can be spotted. 

Distance from Maui- 24 miles which take around 33 minutes to reach. 
Parking- There is a large parking lot on the beach.  

3. Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater is a paradise for snorkeling as there are 250 species of fish, 38 varieties of corals, and the visibility is 150 feet deep. You can also spot octopuses, eels, reef sharks, and Hawaii’s state fish. Snorkelling here is mainly enjoyed by taking a boat tour. The best time to go for snorkeling is early morning before the trade winds start blowing. 

Distance from Maui- 30.8 miles which take around 45 minutes. 
Parking- Paid parking is available, which is around $0.50 per hour

4. Black Rock

Black Rock

 Explore corals and fishes, like hawkfish, lizardfish, needlefish, etc., and turtles, Urchin, sea star, sea cucumber and more, at the Black Rock, where snorkeling takes place at the north end of the beach. There can be a very strong current and therefore one needs to be careful. The visibility here for snorkelling in Maui is extremely good and that is why it is quite popular among people. 

Distance from Maui- 39.2 miles which take around 55 minutes. 
Where to Park- Near the beach or at Sheraton Maui Resort 

5. Turtle Town

Turtle Town

 Maluaka Beach in Turtle Town is the best for snorkelling in Maui and is popular for a large number of Hawaiian green sea turtles. As there are no strong trade winds, it makes it easy to snorkel. Urchins, fishes, corals, etc., can all be seen at the snorkeling spot.  

Distance from Maui- 25.1 miles which take around 35 minutes. 
Where to park- There is a small parking lot with showers and restrooms.
 These are some of the top places for snorkelling in Maui which will give you the thrill and memories that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. We hope this information has been enough for you to choose the perfect spot for yourself. Do let us know in the comment section if you think there are other snorkeling sports that people should visit.

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