Kitesurfing in Maui: An Adventure like Never Before

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One of the birthplaces of kitesurfing in the world, Maui held the first kite competition in 1996, and since then, there is no stop to kitesurfing. Surrounded by coastal beaches, glittery sea, consistent north wind, and a perfect tropical ambience visit Maui to try an adventure in the heart of the city.

Best Time to go Kitesurfing in Maui

While Maui welcomes wind from the north throughout the year, but comparatively, the windy months from March to October are the best time to visit Maui for kitesurfing. Possessing tropical weather along the 120 miles long coastline, along with brisk north-eastern winds, there is likely to be rain in between occasionally, making the experience worthwhile.

5 Best Places for Kitesurfing in Maui

1. Kite Beach 

Kitesurfing in Kite Beach
Kitesurfing in Kite Beach

The wind from the North-Eastern to the Eastern direction in Kite Beach is perfect for beginners to try their hands in kitesurfing in Maui. Located on one end of the Kanaha Beach Park, it possesses a forward launch, a safe downwind landing zone, tons of kite schools to teach travelers the adventure sport. Travelers can also try some freestyle tricks in the upwind or go towards the outer reef for further exploration. Be careful of fishermen and visit the expert riding zones like Boneyard and Lowers for a better experience.

2. Ka’a Point 

The Ka’a Point, also known as the Pro beach, is one of the most crowded beaches of Maui, welcoming Hawaiian families, fishermen, and natives all the year. A perfect spot for expert riders, Ka’a Point, has a difficult landing point on the upwind of Kite Beach with harsh wind shadow. Not only a local’s favorite, but this spot is also crowded with international visitors doing kitesurfing, air shot photographs, and riding through the waves afar. Adventures must be aware of the submerged rocks and rock jetty areas which are prohibited for kitesurfing.

3. Flash Beach


Flash beach is one of the oldest kitesurfing spots in Maui, named after Flash Austin, one of the earliest initiators of the sport. Much less crowded than the Kite Beach, travelers can experience an easier launch here in its predictable wind pattern. While travelers can enjoy the windsurfing zone going upwind, precautions must be taken to avoid any hazards in the downwind during low tide. Once done with kitesurfing, tourists can either go towards the Old Man’s beach on the upwind side with the availability of showers or move towards downwind Naish beach.

4. Hamakua Poko

Expert kite surfers will enjoy HamakuaPoko for its adventurous launch and land, tricky and rocky coastline, strong wind, and massive waves. Also known as the Lanes, travelers must be very cautious while exploring the downwind coastline. A not-so-safe place for beginners, HamakuaPoko windsurfers are recommended to use board leashes, boots and maintain distance from fellow kite surfers. If comfortable and safe as per the wave rotation, windsurfers and kite surfer can share a single wave and enjoy the adventure, too. 

5. Baldwin Beach


To experience a less crowded kit surfing spot in Maui, Baldwin Beach is a perfect choice where visitors need to do their own launch and land safely. The designated launch area is just a 10 minutes walk away from the parking lot. Adventurers also need to bring with them a kite, board, and pump to serve their expedition. Kitesurfers are recommended not to go beyond 1000’ in the swimming zone to avoid any accidents.

Tips before Kitesurfing in Maui

  • Beginners should seek help from professional kite surfing instructors to take part in the sport in a controlled and safe environment.
  • Professional kitesurfers should launch and land their kites only on authorized kitesurfing beaches to avoid accidents and unnecessary hassles.
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has its own set of rules, which should be strictly adhered to while kitesurfing.
  • Kitesurfers in Maui should stringently avoid swim zones, surfers, fishermen, windsurfers, and divers while carrying out their expedition.
  • Whether you are an expert or a beginner, and kite surfers should maintain distances from fellow surfers.
  • Surfers should avoid rock jetties.

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