Sikkim to West Bengal in Just Two Hours With the New Sivok-Rangpo Railway

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The Indian Railways has undertaken a groundbreaking project called the Sivok Rangpo railway project which is a railway line that connects West Bengal to Sikkim. This was a much-needed change that is finally being executed. Now you can enjoy the scenic mountain views and forest reserves during your journey. 

The project will be processed and implemented by the NFR zone along with IRCON International Limited, formerly called Indian Railways Construction Company Limited. 

The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) zone along with IRCON international Limited, had initiated the idea to construct a 44.98 km long line which would be called the Sivok Rangpo railway line that will allow travelling between Sivok in West Bengal to Rangpo in Sikkim in a duration of two hours. An NRF spokesperson said that construction has already commenced along the route and the total proposed cost of sanctioning was 4085.58 crore. 

Benefits and Importance of the Railway Line 

The Sivok Rangpo rail line is the ultimate solution for travelling between the two states. The project will henceforth put an end to the problems of commuting caused during monsoon seasons and due to landslides for regular travellers. 

Sikkim shares borders with China which will also make travelling for soldiers at the Nathula border easy and faster than before. 

Sivok Rangpo Rail Line Route

Sivok Rangpo Railline
  • The route will cover Sivok, Reang, Teesta Bazaar, Melli and Rangpo stations on the way. The Teesta Bazaar is set to develop as an underground railway station.
  • The rail line will cut through mountains and valleys to connect Sikkim to the main Indian railway network for the very first time. 
  • The line will also cross through Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Kurseong forest division, Darjeeling forest division, Kalimpong forest division and the East Sikkim forest division.
  • The rail line spans across a total length of 44.98 kms covering about 19 bridges and 14 tunnels. The tunnels on the route undertakes a total length 38.55 kms, with the longest tunnel covering 5270 metres and the smallest tunnel covers 538 metres. Perhaps these tunnels cover almost 85% of the total journey.

Sivok Rangpo - The Green Project

While such developments are being undertaken, it is being carried out responsibly as it is taking environmental concerns into consideration. The line cuts through sanctuaries and forest divisions, it is being made sure that the habitat and the environment is not being tampered with. 

Boon for the Tourism Industry

Sibok Ranpo Railline
The project is beneficial for the tourism industry of not just Sikkim and West Bengal but also for the country and its citizens interested in visiting the areas. It will also be a big boost for revenue generation through tourism as the route will connect many tourist spots and hill stations such as Darjeeling, Kalimpong through the railway network. It is bound to make traveling hassle free, faster and easier. 

Other Industrial Benefits  

  • The line is also set to enhance and improve trade for various industries. Industries like medicine, hydropower projects which are the main revenue generation source of Sikkim will get better. 
  • By connecting major states and towns, it will be an added advantage for students as it will facilitate academic and professional opportunities. 
  • The socio- economic welfare of the region will improve and so will transportation across states turn easier and cost effective.
This project has been developed in such a way that it is seen as a major gain from all aspects. No doubt it is a beneficial initiative. 

What are your views on the Sivok Rangpo project? Let us know in the comments below!

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