Kitesurfing in UAE - 8 Best Beaches and Schools to Learn Kitesurfing

The United Arab Emirates are many things; Rich Arab heritage, delectable local cuisines, the mind-blowing scale of luxury but at the same time its a haven for tourists with its tallest, biggest, series of attractions and adventure sports ranging from the air, water and land activities that will keep every adventure enthusiast happy. With this mentioned, there's no rarity when it comes to opportunities for kitesurfing in UAE. 

Are you an adventure-seeking person? Are you waiting to explore some thrilling sports on your vacation to the United Arab Emirates? Kitesurfing is the answer you are looking for!
Quite popular in the UAE, only International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO)-qualified professional instructors are allowed to give lessons.

Best Time for Kitesurfing in UAE

Wind of more than 10-12 knots is required for the sport. The ideal months to engage in this sport would be December-April, especially if you are headed to Dubai.

Best Places for Kitesurfing in UAE: 

1. Kite Beach, Dubai

If you are ready to test your love for watersport, head down to the Kite Beach in Dubai to test those skills. The afternoon seems to be the preferable time when the wind creates ideal conditions for kitesurfing. There are high-quality water equipment available at the beach, which are sure to keep the beachgoers happy and satisfied.
Location: 35 A St, Dubai
Hours: Open 24 hours

2. Nessnass Beach, Dubai

Known for its many water sports facilities including paddling, kitesurfing, kayaking, etc. The Nessnass beach is your go-to beach for kitesurfing in UAE. The cross-onshore wind conditions of the beach make it the perfect place for anyone to enjoy some quality water activities. 
Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai

Kitesurfing Lessons in UAE

1. Kitesurf School in Dubai

With a team of IKO-qualified trainers, Kitesurf School Dubai is stocked with the latest equipment. Providing kitesurfing lessons in two stages-land courses and watercourse - it is a school certified by the Dubai Sports Council. They have an attractive kite shop with a good collection of surfing equipment.
Prices (equipment included):
Single private lesson with instructor (1 hour) - 350 AED
Single semi private lesson (1 hour) - 250 AED
Check out their official website for the various packages that they provide.
Location: Xavier Sedaghat, Kitesurf School Dubai, The Kite Beach
Tel.: +971502547440
Hours: Open 7 days- 7:30AM- 7:00PM

2. Kitesurfing UAE

A team of professional kite instructors and kiteboarding trainers, they operate in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To cater to individual needs for kitesurfing in UAE and make the learning process more enjoyable and comfortable, they design customised training programmes for people. Using only new equipment in their classes, they offer one-on-one instruction for three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Price (equipment included):
- Individual lesson-350 AED per hour
- Two students simultaneously: 250 AED per hour per person
- Three students simultaneously: 200 AED per hour per person
- Tour students simultaneously: 150 AED per hour per person
- 8 b St Jumeirah, Dubai;
- Al Bahia, Kite Beach, Abu Dhabi

3. Kite ‘n’ Surf, Dubai

With beginner, intermediate and advanced levels being taught at the kite school, Kite ‘n’ Surf uses the newest material from Cabrinha kites during their lessons. They also offer learning courses for children throughout the year. With IKO certified instructors, the trainers have several years of experience. They have an introduction to kitesurfing course of 2 hours where you learn the necessary skills. The full kiteboarding course is for ten-odd hours, which teaches the essential skills required for becoming a confident kitesurfer. Kitesurfing progression is a customised learning course for people with some experience in the sport. For tourists who want to enjoy the sport without engaging in long classes can opt for kiteboarding discovery course which takes place on the beach itself.
Prices (equipment included):
- Introduction to kiteboarding (group lessons)- 425 AED per person (2 hours)
- Introduction to kiteboarding (One on One)- 700 AED (2 hours)
- Full kiteboarding course(one on one) + 2 hours rental- 3000 AED (10 hours)
- Full kiteboarding course (group lessons)- 2000 AED per person (10 hours)
- Progression (one on one)- 350 AED per person (1 hour)
- Kiteboarding gift cards- 700 AED (2 hours)
- Kitesurfing discovery course- 200 AED (45 minutes)
- Kite N Surf, City Beach 
- Kite N Surf, Nessnass Beach

4. Kite Zone Dubai Kite School

With certified instructors having international teaching experience for kitesurfing in UAE, Kite Zone Dubai is popular for its kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding lessons. They offer customised private lessons as well as group kitesurfing lessons. They further provide the opportunity to engage in tandem kitesurfing, which is a more viable and convenient option for children.
Prices (equipment included):
- Private kitesurfing lesson- 350 AED (1 hour)
- Private kitesurfing lesson- 700 AED (2 hours)
- Private kitesurfing lesson- 1800 AED (6 hours)
- Private kitesurfing lesson- 3200 AED (12 hours)
- Group lesson- 400 AED per person (2 hours)
- Group lesson- 1200 AED per person (6 hours package)
- Group lesson + free T-shirt and Vinyl sticker- 2000 AED per person (10 hours package)
- Tandem kiteboarding- 250 AED
Location: 2 Al Nessnass St - Dubai

5. Eywoa Kitesurfing, Abu Dhabi

Providing kitesurfing lessons for both beginners and people with some experience, Eywoa Kitesurfing School has a team of certified professionals surfing for more than 15 years. Providing kitesurfing lessons for varying time durations, Eywoa Kitesurfing offers a cognitive learning process.
- 1-hour lesson- 300 AED
- 2 hours lesson- 550 AED
- 5 hours lesson- 1300 AED
Location: Eywoa Boat School/ Marine Sports, Yas Marina, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Hours: everyday- 6:00AM- 6:00PM

6. Dukite Kitesurfing School

Offering both private and group lessons, Dukite Kitesurfing School has a bunch of excellent instructors for kitesurfing in UAE who go through the equipment choices and of course, the learning process with the participant. The lessons typically run for one or two hours.
·   Private introduction to kitesurfing- 700 AED (2 hours)
·   Private full kiteboarding course- 2800 AED (8 hours)
·   Group lesson, Full kiteboarding course- 2200 AED (10 hours)
·   Group introduction to kitesurfing- 550 AED (2 hours)
·   Kitesurfing discovery course- 200 AED (45 minutes)
·   Kiteboarding gift cards and vouchers- 700 AED (2 hours)
Location: Dukite, Umm Suqeim Harbour, Shop 111, Dubai, 72957, UAE
Hours: Saturday, Monday- Thursday: 10:00AM- 7:00PM
Sunday- 11:00AM- 5:00PM
Friday- 8:30AM- 7:00PM
Tick off kitesurfing in UAE from your bucket list on your next visit to the Emirates! Experience some beautiful and exciting time in the water and learn a few skills while on vacation to this Middle Eastern country.

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