International driving license in Dubai: Easy Way to Hit the Road in a Foreign Country

Whether you are from UAE wanting to travel to a foreign country, or a tourist wishing to drive in Dubai, an IDL or International Driving License in Dubai is the answer to do either of those. IDL is a legal requirement which can be accessed either online or from one of the offices in Dubai. The application procedure for IDL is simple and straightforward. All you need is a couple of documents, and you are good to go. 

What is an International Driving License?

An international driving permit (IDP) is a legal document that allows you to drive a vehicle in another country if you have a valid license from your country of residence. An IDP is not required if your domestic driver’s license meets the requirements of the 1968 convention. Your internal driver’s license can be used in a foreign country if that country is a part of the agreement.

Important Information about International Driving License

·   IDL is valid for one year.
·   One of the prerequisites for obtaining an IDP is a valid driving license in your country of residence.
·   It is valid in all countries.
·   It is valid for cars, motorcycles, heavy trucks, heavy buses, and light buses.

Who can benefit from the International Driving License in Dubai?

·   Citizens of the United Arab Emirates wanting to drive in a foreign country
·   Foreign tourists wishing to drive in Dubai during their stay

Documents Required for the IDL Application

·   Copy of passport: A valid passport is required. The expiration date of the passport can be checked in the passport itself. Carry an attested copy of your valid passport along with the original.
·   Copy of valid driving license: A driving license issued in your country of residence is a requirement for applying for an International Driving License. Carry an attested copy of the same.
·   Copy of valid address proof: This address proof is essential in the application procedure. It is advisable not to change addresses while the system is going on. During the application process, you will be required to carry an attested copy of the same.
·   Passport size photographs: Two or three passport size photographs will be needed during the process.
·   Visa: A valid visa is also required for the application process. An international driving license can be processed only if you have a valid visa from a foreign embassy.
·   Tickets: It is advised to carry attested copies of your air or train tickets.
·   Identity proof: Carry an attested copy of your identity proof along with your valid passport. An attested copy of your birth certificate will be helpful during the procedure.

Where to Get The IDL

You can obtain your International Driving License from any one of the following portals:
·   Online via the IDL portal of Dubai with delivery service
·   Emirates Post Office
·   Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, RAK, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and the Western region
·   Dnata office on Sheikh Zayed Road
·   RTA offices

How to Apply for an International Driving License

Applying for an international driving license in Dubai is quite easy but extremely essential if you want to drive as a tourist. Follow these quick and easy steps to apply for your international driving license. 

1. Head to the office from where you are getting the license. If you are doing it online, then head to the online portal.
2. Present all the documents mentioned above at the office or upload it on the site. 
3. Your international driving license will be ready in roughly 30 minutes if you have gone to the office. So you can easily wait for that time and collect it there and then. 
4. Online applications usually take three to five long working stretches of receipt. So you will have to wait it out for your license to arrive. 

Advantages of an International Driving License in Dubai

·   It holds as proof that you have a valid driving license in your country of residence.
·   It protects you and your family in case there is accidental vehicle damage while abroad.
·   The IDL can be a useful document for identification in case of a missing passport.
·   It can help overcome language barriers between drivers and the police since it is printed in 10 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Arabic, Italian, Scandinavian, and Portuguese).

Frequently Asked Questions about International Driving License

·   What is the service fee for IDL?
The approximate service fee that you will be required to pay during the application procedure is 200 AED + VAT.

·   Which countries are the IDL required for?
There are several countries that legally require IDL to drive in a foreign country. Make sure to check online to avoid any confusion.

·   What are the terms and conditions for applying?
The driving license holder should be personally present when applying for the service. The driving license should have completed at least one year.

·   What happens if you lose your international driving license?
If you lose your IDL due to unforeseen circumstances, it is advised to report immediately about the same. If you lose your license in your home country, make sure to inform the police. If you lose your consent abroad, notify the local authority and the embassy of your home country. A duplicate document is usually issued in such cases.
With the application procedure clear and your documents ready, you will quickly get your international driving license in Dubai if you meet the required criteria. Once you have your license, be free to drive in a foreign country and experience the thrill of driving on an unfamiliar road.

This post was published by Archita Zutshi

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