This Island In Maharashtra Is The Best Weekend Exploration - Have You Been?

Kanhoji Angre Island, or Khanderi Island, is one of those places which can be considered as an ideal place to visit on the weekend. Situated around 20 km towards the south of Mumbai, the small island comprises of some fortifications and a lighthouse. Playing a significant role in the history of India, the solitary atmosphere of the island also adds to the adventure and thrill while exploring the place, just the kind in a fiction novel!

History of Kanhoji Angre Island

Kanhoji Angre Island beholds a proud historical record. During the early 1680s, King Shivaji of the Maratha Empire took the island under control. Close to the Kanhoji Angre Fort lies its sister fort, namely Underi Fort, which was under control of a ruler named Siddhi Kahim. As per historical records, multiple naval battles were fought between Khanderi and Underi fort islands, with Kanhoji Angre leading the Marathas.To reward his bravery in naval battles, the island was later named after him. The lighthouse was built on the island when the Britishers took control over it in 1818 AD.

Travelling to Kanhoji Angre Island

The only mode of transportation for reaching Kanhoji Angre Island is via waterways. For those travelling to the place from Mumbai, board the State Roadways bus and travel to Alibaug. From there, speedboats or yacht services may be availed for travelling to and from Kanhoji Angre island.

Best time to visit Kanhoji Angre Island

The best time to visit Kanhoji Angre Island is during the summer season and the monsoon season months of April to July. It will usually take around one day to tour the island.

Key Attractions

Temple of Vetala

Situated on the Kanhoji Angre Island, Temple of Vetala comprises of a wooden temple with a large stone structure. This stone is worshipped by the locals in the region as Vetala, or spirit especially around the Indian festival of Holi. Rumour has it it that the stone grows by itself every year, maintaining the belief of the locals in the temple.


Built by the Britishers in the late 1870s, the lighthouse is one of the most exciting places to explore on Kanhoji Angre Island. With a height of around 25 metres, going to the top of the lighthouse will give a wonderful view of the island and the surrounding Arabian Sea.

Metallic Rock

Situated towards the front gate of the Khanderi Fort, the uniqueness about the ‘Metallic’ rock is that when it is struck with a stone, it creates a clinking sound just like a metal, hence giving it the name. Try throwing a stone at the metallic rock to experience it yourself!


Since there is no provision of food or potable water on the island, it is necessary to carry ample food and water supplies while travelling to and from the island.

A trip to the island will surely give memories which have never been experienced before! Time to set the sail high and visit the Kanhoji Angre Island!

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