Best Time To Visit Costa Rica

What is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

Summers in Costa Rica are hot and humid. However, the country is not foggy, and you can enjoy mesmerising views. Heavy rainfall is witnessed during September to October. The best time to explore the country is from May to June and from November to early December when the beauty of Costa Rica reaches another level. Avoid visiting in December end, because the place is very crowded and hotel prices are unbelievingly high.

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December - April (Summer)

In December, Summers hit the country and they last till April. The weather remains sweltering and humid with temperature lingering around 32 degrees Celsius. Humidity levels are also high. The blistering heat along with the lackĀ of rainfall make most regions dry and arid. However, due to clear skies, visibility increases and scanty rainfall prevents the forests and national parks from getting muddy. Adventures are a lot of fun in this season.

May - November (Monsoon)

Monsoons take over the summer season from May onwards. The heaviest rainfall is witnessed in September - October and should be avoided. However, the early months of monsoon offer an excellent opportunity to visit Costa Rica. The country looks beautiful with lush green vegetation. The temperature is also not too high.

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