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Places To Visit in New Zealand

Continent: Oceania

Here are the top 50 tourist places in New Zealand

43. Lake Pukaki

3.7 /5

43 out of 47
Places To Visit in New Zealand

Situated in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island lies the nation’s largest alpine freshwater lake. Lake Pukaki came into being as a result of water flowing from the glaciers. It is known for its uniquely stunning turquoise waters which is a result of fine particles ground by the glaciers known as...

44. Greymouth

3.7 /5

44 out of 47
Places To Visit in New Zealand

Located on the South Island’s west coast lies New Zealand’s largest city in the West Coast Region. Greymouth, located around 200 km west of Christchurch, is known for being a historic site for jade and gold mining. The city boasts a thriving craft brewery scene while also being a hub for water sport...

45. Punakaiki

3.9 /5

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Places To Visit in New Zealand

Sandwiched in between the towns of Westport and Greymouth on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island lies one of the country’s most visited natural attractions. Punakaiki is particularly famous for being the site of the Pancake Rocks; a geographic rock formation that is made up of millions of y...

46. Mount Cook National Park

4.6 /5

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Places To Visit in New Zealand

The Mount Cook National Park, or the Aoraki National Park, is home to New Zealand’s highest peak, Mount Cook and is populated by 23 other peaks measuring over 3000m. The national park is studded with stunning mountains on every side, grand glaciers surrounded by everpresent snowfields. The sheer bea...

47. Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve

4.3 /5

47 out of 47
Places To Visit in New Zealand

Situated just off the northern coast of New Zealand’s North Island near Coromandel, lies the Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve, or Te Whanganui-a-hei as it is known in the Maori language. The marine reserve is notable for being one of New Zealand’s most important conservative ecosystems and plays host t...

48. Markets

48 out of 50 Places To Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for the markets that open mostly on weekends for the locals as well as tourists who frequently shop at these events. Most of these are farmers’ markets or produce markets where growers and farmers and sell their own fresh produce to the customers. These markets are widely popula...

49. Wineries

49 out of 50 Places To Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for the variety of high-quality wine being produced in their vineyards. These vineyards are famously known for not adopting the conventional model of growing grapes on a private estate and then manufacturing them into wine with their own equipment. Rather, the contract growing o...

50. Ferrymead Heritage Park

50 out of 50 Places To Visit in New Zealand

Ferrymead Heritage Park is a township that features the Edwardian Township belonging to the early 20th Century. Visitors look forward to experiencing the lifestyle of the first inhabitants of Christchurch through a wide range of exhibits at the heritage park. The park occupies an expansive area of l...

FAQs on New Zealand

What is the currency of New Zealand?

New Zealand Dollar is the national currency. Frequently used denominations regarding bank notes are NZD 5, NZD 10, NZD 20 and NZD 50. Other types of foreign currency are not readily accepted here unless you're offering it at big hotels and banks. ATMs are also available here.

What is the history of New Zealand?

New Zealand was discovered more than 700 years ago, by the Polynesians. During the 18th century, a lot of navigators and explorers began coming to New Zealand. In 1840, the country was brought into the British Empire, in the form of a signed treaty - the Treaty of Waitangi. The New Zealanders fought for the British in World War I. After the war, however, the New Zealanders signed the Treaty of Versailles and became a part of the League of Nations. Thus, they got to rule independently, but their defense was still in British hands.

What is unique about culture of New Zealand?

New Zealand is a multi-cultural society. It consists of several different ethnic groups. The people of this country are polite and courteous. They always treat guests from other nations and cultures with respect. The indigenous Maori group of New Zealand has had an influence on the overall culture of the country, in terms of art, language and even accents. Christianity is the dominant religion of this country. A lot of people also follow Hinduism. English is the most commonly spoken language here. However, the official languages are Maori and the New Zealand Sign Language.

How is New Zealand divided into regions?

New Zealand's regions include North Island, South Island and the Offshore Islands. North Island has a lot of sandy beaches, forests and volcanic peaks. South Island comprises of beech trees, glaciers, mountains and trails that you can bike along. The Offshore Islands are said to be the wild islands of New Zealand and include Stewart Island, the Sub-Antarctic and Kermadecs.
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