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Things to Do in New Zealand

Here is the list of 15 Most Fascinating Things to Do in New Zealand

1. Kepler Track , Te-anau

Kepler Track , Te-anau
4.5 /5

Kepler Track is a 60km tramping track opened in 1988, planned to showcase the best features of Fiordland that include, moss-draped beech forest, prolific birdlife, tussock high country, huge mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls, vast glacier-carved valleys, luxuriant river flats, limestone formations and many more. Kepler track is named after Johannes Kepler and is one of New Zealand's greatest walks which is administered by New Zealand Departhe track is named after Johannes Kepler. The track is one of New Zealand's Great Walks and is administered by the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC).

2. Glowworm Caves, Te-anau

Glowworm Caves, Te-anau
4.3 /5

Te Anau caves are outside the Te Anau town in the southernmost region, the Southland. These are the youngest caves in New Zealand being only 12,000 years old. One can go to the caves across the Te Anau lake. A boat ride inside the caves can be taken, which lets you witness the amazing site of glow worms on the ceiling above your head in a calm and peaceful environment.

3. Kaikoura - Where the Mountains Meet the Sky

Kaikoura - Where the Mountains Meet the Sky
4.3 /5

Kaikoura, which lies on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, is the perfect place for a weekend getaway from the cities of Picton or Christchurch. It boasts of having the most successful whale and dolphin spotting tours, with an almost hundred per cent spotting rate. One can see various kinds of whales, including sperm whales, orcas, humpback whales and even the mighty blue whale! You could also book a tour to go swimming in the ocean with these gentle, harmless giants. There are multiple whale and dolphin spotting tours that operate here, both on boats and on choppers!

4. Waipara - Gateway to North Canterbury

Waipara - Gateway to North Canterbury
4.2 /5

Located just 60 kilometres north of the city of Christchurch, the small valley town of Waipara boasts of having the most flavourful and well-made wines in this part of the country. With vineyards that stretch into the distance, surrounded by gentle hills, Waipara is great for a weekend trip, away from the hustle and bustle of Christchurch. The weather is more or less perfect throughout the year for winemaking, with plenty of sunshine and long autumn. Regional specialities include Pinor Noir and Riesling, but the production of other kinds of wines is also of top quality

5. Fish Jet, Te-anau

Fish Jet, Te-anau
4.2 /5

Combines New Zealand classics of fly fishing and jet boating. Allows tourists to experience the pleasure of jet boating on the Waiau river while enjoying fishing for rainbow and brown trout. It comes in half or full-day packages with the full day package offering a riverside barbecue.

6. Hunua Ranges - A picturesque destination surrounded by nothing but nature

Hunua Ranges -  A picturesque destination surrounded by nothing but nature
4.1 /5

Hunua Ranges are located in the North Island of New Zealand. The destination is situated to the southeast of Auckland City and is a block of hilly terrain that forms the suburb. This destination thus has a rich source of natural reservoirs and dense forests. The place is also sparsely populated which makes it a perfect destination for those seeking a place to escape their stressful city lives. Hunua Ranges is also famous for eco-tourism. Here, travellers get to explore the natural surroundings that include the mountain slopes, the peaks, the natural reserves and the water bodies.

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7. Go Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

Go Bungee Jumping in Queenstown
3.8 /5

AJ Hackett Bungy is an adventure sports organization that organizes bungee jumping and has set up several commercial bungee jumping sites across New Zealand. They have set the benchmark for adventure activities in New Zealand with over 30 years of experience. Although bungy jumping is their primary activity offered, they specialize in 11 activities with 7 of them set up in Queenstown. They are pioneers in commercializing bungee jumping as an adventure sport.

8. Fiordland National Park, Te-anau

Fiordland National Park, Te-anau
3.8 /5

The power of Fiordland’s untouched splendor and scenery never ceases to enthrall travellers. It is among the most beautiful and dramatic parts of New Zealand.Now over 1.2 million hectares in size, Fiordland National Park was established in the year 1952. It encompasses rainforests, lakes, and mountains. The Department of Conservation in New Zealand administers this National Park. Completely unique to the area is the variety of plants and animals which have developed relative isolation in the region, leading to a high rate of endemism. These are supported by the rich and diverse habitats in the national park.

9. Waiheke Island, Auckland

Waiheke Island, Auckland
3.7 /5

Waiheke is a fabulous island just 35 minutes from the mainland. Famous for its rows and rows of vineyards and olive farms, Waiheke Island is home to some of New Zealand's most celebrated wineries and creating some of its most renowned wines. Waiheke Island is New Zealand's most densely populated island. The fact that it has permanent residents and is a tourist hotspot means that it has evolved a good number of activities for you to indulge in.

10. SkyCity, Auckland

SkyCity, Auckland
3.6 /5

SkyCity Auckland is an entertainment centre located in Auckland City, New Zealand. It is a premier event centre situated in the bustling central business district of the city. It occupies several levels of the Sky Tower, the city’s telecommunication and observation tower, and provides a variety of activities and services that visitors can choose from to entertain and pamper themselves. This is the only attraction in Auckland City that has an operating casino. The place is suitable for those looking for a luxury getaway in and around the city. SkyCity Auckland can also be booked for private and business events.

11. Kiwi Spotting in Whakatane Islands

Kiwi Spotting in Whakatane Islands

Lapped in between two other major cities Rotorua and Tauranga at an equidistance of 90 kilometres, Whakatane is an urban township of New Zealand that has become a major tourist attraction for people wide across. At the Ohope Scenic Reserve Mountain Biking along the Burma Road or the Whirinaki Forest Mountain Bike Track Relax in the Awakeri Hot Springs Visit the White Goose Winery that specializes in growing some rare breed fruits.

12. Volcanic Hills Winery , Rotorua

Volcanic Hills Winery , Rotorua

Located as a part of the Skyline Gondola Complex with its Tasting room situated at the top of the complex, Volcanic Hills Winery is everything the name suggests. There is an eclectic range of award-winning wines to choose from, there is a tasting room at a sky-high level and a stunning panoramic view of the Rotorua lakes looking over.

13. White Water Rafting, Queenstown

White Water Rafting, Queenstown

White water rafting is a recreational water sport on an inflatable boat, usually carried out on high water currents and tides. Queenstown has got some of the best locations to experience the thrilling white water rafting, which also happens to be the best way to explore Queenstown's rivers. Queenstown is an adventure hub that initiated rafting right from the start, i.e. since the 1970s to be precise. Water rafting is the best option for those who seek some passionate adventure. Many operators provide amusing tour packages along with breathtaking rafting rides as well.

14. Hobbiton Movie Set, Auckland

Hobbiton Movie Set, Auckland

The Hobbiton Movie Set, located on a sprawling 1250 acre cattle farm on New Zealand’s North Island, lies almost 200 km from Auckland. Initially serving only as a movie set for the Lord of the Rings movies, it was partly torn down after the completion of the trilogy. When the Hobbit trilogy began shooting, the set was rebuilt, and a more permanent structure was put in place this time. The Hobbiton Movie set is now a world-famous tourist attraction; guided tours of the farm show tourists what went into making some of the most iconic sets and most enduring movies of recent history.

15. Milford Track Hiking

Milford Track Hiking

The Milford Track is a one way Great Walk extending for 53.5 km. You can enjoy walking and tramping over a span of 4 days. The Great Walk tracks are popular all over the world for the well-formed paths which can be easily followed. Depending on the terrain, the tracks are wide enough at some places to fit two people walking side by side. The surface is generally dirt, rock or gravel and may get slippery during the rains. There are hill climbs with steeper tracks and splendid views. As you walk to retrace the steps of early explorers, experience one of the finest walks in the world.


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