Stunning Beaches in New Zealand for a Refreshing Short Trip

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Beaches in New Zealand

Here is the list of 4 Stunning Beaches in New Zealand for a Refreshing Short Trip

1. Piha Beach, Auckland

Piha Beach, Auckland

Piha is a small village with approx 600 residents and is located on the Western coast of Auckland, it is a 45-50 minutes drive away destination from the city. Piha, famous for its the black-iron sand beach, is a major tourist attraction and one of the most favourite getaway destinations for Aucklanders during summer. The beach is home to the surfers across the globe. The strong water current and high waves of Piha Beach provides the best destination for surfing.

2. Weligama Bay Beach

Weligama Bay Beach

Weligama means “sandy village” in the local language, and you can guess why. It is a beautiful sand beach that is the perfect spot for surfing. It is a calm place, where you can lie on the sane and enjoy the mild breeze. The shallow waters are perfect to go for a swim, even take kids with you. Not only for the purpose of swimming and surfing, but people come here during the early morning hours or at dusk to capture the picturesque scenery created by the clear water, white sand beach, the locals and palm trees.

3. Pilot Bay Beach

 Pilot Bay Beach

The Pilot Bay Beach is located along the harbor’s edge in Mount Maurangi, at the southwestern side of the mountain’s peninsula, and is a popular location for various beach-related activities like swimming, surfing, water sports, setting up a picnic and to even watch the constantly moving cruise ships. The waters are always calm and have low tides all year round as the beach is sheltered from the open ocean, which makes it effectively family-friendly.

4. Mount Maunganui Beach

Mount Maunganui Beach

The iconic Mt. Maunganui at an elevation of 232m above sea level is a focal tourist attraction far and wide for its vast sandy beaches, high ocean waves for surfing and the relaxing water of Pilot Bay. It once used to be an independent township until when Tauranga Bridge connected it to the economic hub centre. Maunganui’s beach is also known for the several tourist activities it promises like surfing, fishing, camping and dolphin tours.

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