Airports in New Zealand: All the Ways to Fly in and out, and Within New Zealand

Being one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations, there are numerous airports in New Zealand that connect the South Island to the North Island and bring access across the country. From sprawling international airports that see flights come in from across the world to small, independent airstrips that allow just enough space for a private chartered plane to land, there are a host of airports in New Zealand. 

1. Auckland Airport: New Zealand's Busiest Airport 

Auckland Airport
Auckland Airport
  • The largest airport in New Zealand is the Auckland Airport (IATA: AKL) and it is also the country’s busiest airport.
  • It is a conduit that connects the nation’s largest urban area to Australia and the rest of the world.
  • All major airlines that connect New Zealand will fly into Auckland Airport and it is also well-connected to the rest of the country by the bevy of domestic flight options that services the airport.

Transport to and from the Airport

  • The airport is located a short 20-minute drive away from the Auckland city centre and travellers can reach the city centre by making use of the public transit system, the SkyBus, or using a taxicab service. Shuttle buses ply the trade from the domestic and international terminals every quarter of an hour beginning at 5 AM, operating up until 10.30 PM daily. 

  • The SkyBus from the airport to the city takes around an hour to reach the city. Adult one-way tickets cost NZD 17 and Child tickets cost NZD 2 for a one-way ticket. Discounts are offered if people buy more than one ticket at a cost of NZD 8 per extra ticket.

  • Shuttle buses from the airport to the city offer another mode of transport towards the city and are more convenient if the traveller is travelling with a larger group of people.

  • Taxicabs can also be hailed outside the arrivals section and a usual taxi ride from the airport to the city will set most people back by NZD 80 or slightly more.

  • Rideshare apps like Ola or Uber can also be taken outside the airport and offer another means of reaching the city from the airport.

2. Christchurch Airport: New Zealand's Second-Biggest Airport

Christchurch Airport
Christchurch Airport
  • The second-largest airport both in terms of traffic that goes through the airport, and by square footage in New Zealand is the Christchurch International Airport (IATA: CHC).

  • Christchurch International Airport receives daily flights from four different Australian destinations (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney). The airport also offers direct flights to Perth during the summer months when demand increases.

  • The airport is also well-connected to other Asian hubs of trading and commerce like Hong Kong and Singapore and Chinese cities like Guangzhou and Beijing.

  • Major international airline carriers fly into Christchurch International Airport. The airport is also a hub for domestic flights which connect Christchurch to other regions in the South Island, the North Island, and the Chatham Islands. 

Transport to and from the Airport

  • Christchurch International Airport is situated just 12 km outside of the main city centre of Christchurch and has allowed it to become very easily accessible to the town.

  • The public bus number 29 and the Purple Line both connect Christchurch to the airport and adult one-way tickets from the airport to the city cost NZD 8.50 and will take little over half an hour to complete the journey. Bus services costing only NZD 4 can be taken but these bus stops are located a 5-minute walk out from Christchurch International Airport. 

  • Shuttle buses beginning from NZD 19 per person can also be taken from the airport and is convenient for larger groups of people travelling together as the cost per person can be shared amongst more people as more people take a shuttle bus.

  • Taxicabs can also be taken from the airport to the city centre and this half-hour journey usually costs somewhere between NZD 40 and NZD 60. Rideshare apps like Uber can also be made use of at the airport.

  • Cars can also be rented from the airport if you have plans of driving yourself from the airport. 

3. Dunedin Airport: New Zealand's Third-Largest Airport

Dunedin Airport
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The country’s third-largest international airport is Dunedin International Airport (IATA: DUD), also known as Momona Airport, has direct flights connecting Dunedin and Brisbane. The airport also has direct connections to Auckland and Wellington and other important regional hubs in the country.

Transport to and from the Airport

  • Dunedin Airport is located almost 30 km outside of the main city centre of Dunedin, in the town of Momona. 

  • Shuttle buses from the airport in Momona, to Dunedin city centre, can be taken at an approximate cost of NZD 20 per person, and further discounted rates as more people buy tickets. The journey to the city from the airport takes less than 45 minutes on a typical day.

  • The other most popular method of reaching the city from the airport is by hiring a taxi that will ply the route from the airport to Dunedin at a rate of NZD 90 for the 20-minute journey. 

  • Limousine transfers can also be booked from the airport for those looking for a slightly more plush experience.

  • Another popular method of travelling from the airport to the city is by renting cars from the numerous car rental operators that can be made use of at the airport itself.

4. Queenstown Airport: One of the World's Most Stunning Airports

Queenstown Airport
Queenstown Airport

The Queenstown Airport, situated at Frankton Otago, is located just a 10-minute drive away from the heart of the quaint resort town and adventure sports capital of the world, Queenstown. Daily international flights that cross the Tasman Sea connect Queenstown to four of Australia’s largest urban centres; Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and the Gold Coast. Domestic flights connect Queenstown to Auckland, Wellington and other regional centres in New Zealand. 

Transport to and from the Airport

  • Since the airport is located so close to the city centre, reaching Queenstown from the airport is a fairly straightforward process and the public transit buses, the Orbus, connects all major hotels and motels to the airport at regular 15-minute intervals. This 20-minute journey usually costs NZD 10 one way. 

  • An alternative to this would be the shuttle buses that cost almost NZD 10 for the nearly 30-minute journey.

  • Taxis are also regularly hired from the airport, owing to its close distance the fare can be expected to cost around NZD 50 for the 15-minute drive.

  • Car rental operators can also be found at the Queenstown Airport and offer travellers the chance to drive themselves out of the airport, should they wish to. 

5. Wellington Airport: The Capital City's Airport

Wellington Airport
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The airport to New Zealand’s capital is also one of its biggest conduits to both other Kiwi cities and regions as well as to mainstay Australian tourist destinations like Brisbane and Gold Coast along with others like Fiji and China too.

It also acts as a go-between for other New Zealand tourist hotspots such as the Marlborough Sounds and there are flights that take off from Wellington to give tourists an inside peek into some of the country’s most stunning natural attractions.

Transport to and from the Airport

  • Situated less than 10 km away from downtown Wellington, the airport is easily accessible from the city and a variety of transportation options ranging from public buses, shuttle buses, taxis, rideshare apps like Uber, rental cars, or limousines can be made use of to reach the city from the airport.

  • The public buses cost NZD 9 for an adult, one-way ticket from the airport to the city’s downtown area. 

  • The shuttle buses, on the other hand, cost approximately NZD 20 per person but this number can be discounted depending on how many passengers there are, therefore making it a viable option for those travelling in larger groups.

  • Travellers can also use rideshare apps like Uber or Ola to book cabs from the airport to the city and these generally tend to cost NZD 40 onwards.

  • Regular taxi services can also be availed from the airport and they tend to cost onwards of NZD 40 

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