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Timings : Weekdays - 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Night Market (1st Saturday of every month) - 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Ferrymead Heritage Park, New Zealand Overview

Ferrymead Heritage Park is a township that features the Edwardian Township belonging to the early 20th Century. Visitors look forward to experiencing the lifestyle of the first inhabitants of Christchurch through a wide range of exhibits at the heritage park. The park occupies an expansive area of land which can be explored in a day. It is an excellent place for a family outing with children who can get to observe and also witness the true scientific and industrial history of Christchurch.

Regular Exhibitions and Events
The old-age charm of Ferrymead Heritage Park is maintained with the help of several exhibitions and also working models of items belonging to the time. So, rushing through is not recommended if one wants to explore the whole place.
An Official Host
Ferrymead Heritage Park is also an excellent venue for private and corporate events. They provide facilities that interested ones can hire to plan their functions. It is quite an attraction for couples who want to have a theme wedding or parties. The Park is also an educational getaway.
Park Highlights
The campus is well-maintained and well-thought. Every aspect of the attraction, the Museum, the exhibits, the transport, the toys etc. can take the visitors back into the past. While the Park is operational, they also have several events planned like the Night Market, scheduled Steam Engine and Tram Rides etc.
Entry Tickets
Visitors can choose to purchase a one-time entry fee or a package for the entire family if they want to keep coming back to Ferrymead Heritage Park.

Photos of Ferrymead Heritage Park

Ferrymead Heritage Park

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Entry Fee

General Entry: (per person)

Adults – NZD 13
Children (above 5 years) - NZD 8
Children below 5 years – Free Entry
Students and Senior Citizens – NZD 10.50 
Family (Day Pass) – NZD 35
(2 adults and 3 children under the age of 15 years)

Annual Pass

Annual Pass for adults – NZD 65
Annual Pass for Children – NZD 45
Annual Pass for Family – NZD 145

Entry Fee including Train Ride on Event Days (per person)

Adults – NZD 19.50
Children over 5 years age – NZD 12
Children below 5 years - Free
Students and Senior Citizens – NZD 17
Family (Day Pass) – NZD 49.50
(2 adults and 3 children under the age of 15 years)

Annual Pass

Annual Pass for adults – NZD 115
Annual Pass for Children – NZD 95
Annual Pass for Family – NZD 195

Things to Do at The Ferrymead Heritage Park

Attractions to Visit

Visitors can study, witness and explore recovered and restored exhibits belonging to the societies stationed here, while they understand their uses, importance and evolution. Some of such organizations are as follows:
  1. The Canterbury Centre for Historical Film and Photography Inc,
  2. Ferrymead Aeronautical Society
  3. Canterbury Railway Society
  4. Diesel Traction Ground Inc
  5. Ferrymead Post and Telegraph Society
  6. The Ferrymead Printing Society
  7. Friends of Ferrymead Fraternity Inc
  8. Fire Services Historical Society
  9. Museums of Road Transport
  10. Heathcote Studios Theatrical Society
  11. Garden City Model Railway Club
  12. National Railway Museum of New Zealand
  13. Heritage Youth Inc
  14. Radio Preservation Society
  15. Tramway Historical Society
  16. The Society of Rural History and the Youth Heritage Education Trust.

Party and Gathering Venues

Heritage Park is also a great place to plan a private event or a party. The Lodge Hall, the Heritage Chapel, and the Rose Garden are some of the themed choices. Some may also go for exciting features like the Wedding Tram and the Railway Station. These venues need to be booked well in advance, and payment requirements need to be discussed with the management.
The Church (prices and accommodation)
Rent for a day - NZD 575
Accommodation -70+ people
The Wedding Tram
Rent for two hours - NZD 160
The Lodge Hall
Rent per day - NZD 675/- per day
Accommodation - Max 125 people at a time
The Railway Station
Rent per hour - NZD 100

Educational Tours and Picnics

Ferrymead Heritage Park is also an excellent place for school picnics/ educational outings. They have several programmes to encourage learning experiences outside the classroom (LEOTC Programmes), Pre School Programmes and Programmes for English Language Schools are also available at the Park. They have some non-LEOTC programmes too that are charged at a little higher price as the Ministry of Education does not fund them. Nonetheless, all school students can explore the heritage park in their respective groups. The Park has sections dedicated to the 1860s, the 1900s and another only devoted to the War Years. Some latest technology has also been used to provide multi-sensory experiences to the visitors so that they can witness the bygone era as close as possible.

Ferrymead Heritage Park Highlights

Some more exciting attractions at the Ferrymead Heritage Park that draws visitors in quite a number are the Night Market, Tram Rides and the Railway Rides.
The Night Market
The Night Market is a monthly market that remains open for the public on the 1st Saturday of each month.
Timings: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Entry Fee: Pay with a Gold Coin (charged at NZD 2 per coin)
Here, people can buy trinkets, décor items, handicraft and local snacks.
Attractions at the Night Market
The Coronation Park also has a kiosk for Face Painting and a Bouncy Castle for children on the market day. The place also has scheduled Tram and Railway Rides where people get to ride in certified vehicles but at an additional cost.

The Backstory of the Park

Established in the 1960s, the Ferrymead Heritage Park was known as the Museum of Science and Industry, a concept based on the common interest for the industrial and scientific history of the region.
Location Crisis
The proposed site for the heritage park was Prebbleton, in south-west Christchurch, but because the location was unavailable, the team shifted their attention to Ferrymead.
Running the Park - Trustees and Funds
Soon, a Trust was also formed to represent the shared interests of the societies that are involved. They primarily relied on public and government funds in the beginning. After 1980, they decided to have a firm business structure with managers and representatives to manage daily operations. In the 1990s, however, they experienced heavy losses due to ineffective planning of funds.
Final Declaration of the Space
Subsequently, Christchurch City Council intervened and took over the management and declared themselves liable for the debt of the museum. To pay off debts, they had to sell some assets too. After gaining complete control of the museum, in 1998, they changed the name of the Museum to Ferrymead Park Ltd. Christchurch City Council has been funding the park ever since

How To Reach Ferrymead Heritage Park

Ferrymead Heritage Park is located in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Bus Routes and Roadways
The best way to reach the attraction is to board one of the buses heading to Lyttleton or Rapaki as they often halt at 50 Ferrymead Park Dr, where the Park is located. Christchurch has a well-maintained network of roadways. One may choose to drive their vehicles or rent a cab also to reach the Park.
By Air
The closest airport to Ferrymead Heritage Park is the Christchurch International Airport which is located about 22.5 kilometres away. From the airport the Park can be accessed via Memorial Ave – City Centre – Russley Road/ SH 1 – Yaldhurst Road/ SH 73 – Ring Road/ SH 76/ SH 73/ Christchurch Southern Motorway – Opawa Road/ SH 73 – Port Hills Road – Truscotts Road – Ferrymead Park Drive. The Park is about 720 metres ahead.
By Train
Those reaching Christchurch via the railways and disembarking at the Railway Station at Troup Dr can also use public transport to reach the heritage park (located 11.5 kilometres away). The route leading to the Park goes through Whiteleigh Ave – Barrington Street – Jerrold St/ SH 76/ SH 73 – SH 73/ Opawa Road – Port Hills Road – Martindales Road – Truscotts Road – Ferrymead Park Drive. The heritage park is located half a kilometre ahead

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