Getting Around Greece

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Getting Around in Greece

Greece is a country with numerous islands, hence waterways is an important mode of transport here. Apart from that, the road and air services are also good.

Getting Around Greece By Air

The two major domestic flight operators in Greece are Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines and both of them have an intrinsic network of flights within the country. There are regular flights connecting the islands as well.

Getting Around Greece By Rail

One of the most inexpensive modes of travel in the country is by train. The national rail system is a bit limited though as most people prefer car or air travel. There is a suburban rail system known as Proastiakos which serves Attica and its neighbouring regions. There are other new railway lines coming up to improve the connectivity.

Getting Around Greece By Road

Travelling by car is an amazing experience as the roads are generally well maintained and the connectivity is good between major cities. There are also options of availing taxis for transportation. Intercity buses are the best options for travelling within the country. The national network is known as KTEL and it has an extensive network connecting all parts of the country. It is comparatively cheaper than other modes of travelling.

Getting Around Greece By Water

The ferries are the most preferred option for reaching the islands as it is good in terms of frequency as well as reliability. The major ferry companies that operate in Greece are Aegean Speed Lines, ANEK Lines, Blue Star Ferries, Euroseas, Hellenic Seaways, Minoan Lines, SAOS Ferries, Superfast Ferries and Ventouris Ferries. Athens has three major ports, Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio which serve all the major islands in the country. There are also companies like Europe Yachts Charter and Yacht Charter Greece which rents boat to experienced sailors.

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