How To Reach Greece

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Reaching Greece by Air

Most international travelers reach Greece by flying into one of the major airports. Athens International Airport (ATH) is Greece's largest and most frequently used airport. Other major airports include Thessaloniki Airport (SKG), Heraklion Airport (HER) in Crete, and Rhodes International Airport (RHO). Various airlines operate flights to Greece from major cities worldwide. Some of the major Greek carriers include Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air.

Reaching Greece by Bus

Reaching Greece by bus is a viable option, especially if you are traveling from neighboring countries in the Balkan region. International bus services connect Greece with several European cities, offering a cost-effective and often comfortable mode of transportation.

Several companies operate international bus services that connect major cities in Greece with cities in neighboring countries. These bus services are particularly common in the Balkan region, where road connections are well-established. Some major bus companies that operate international routes to Greece include KTEL, Balkan Ekspres (to and fro Balkan countries), Intercars (connecting Greece with various European cities), and Simeonidis Tours (to and fro Balkan countries).

Please Note: Bus travel to Greece may take longer compared to flying. Bus tickets can be booked through the websites of the respective bus companies or purchased at bus stations. 

Reaching Greece by Rail

Greece is connected to several neighboring countries by train. International train services operate between Greece and countries like Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Turkey. 

Eurail is a popular train pass that allows travelers to explore multiple European countries by train. While Eurail does not offer direct train services to Greece due to the country's geographic location, you can use the pass to reach Greece indirectly by combining train travel with other modes of transportation. Popular gateway countries include Italy, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, or Turkey.

Please Note: International train services to and from Greece may be limited, and schedules can change. Additionally, some international train routes might be seasonal, so it's advisable to check the current status and availability before planning your journey.

Reaching Greece by Water

If you are traveling from neighboring countries or islands, ferries are a common mode of transportation. Greece has an extensive network of ferry routes connecting the mainland to the islands and inter-island routes. Popular ferry ports include Piraeus (near Athens), Rafina, and Thessaloniki.

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