WHITE WATER RAFTING, Queenstown Overview

Queenstown is an adventure hub that initiated rafting from the start, i.e. in the 1970s. Many operators provide amusing tour packages along with breathtaking rafting rides as well. White water rafting is a recreational sport on an inflatable boat, usually carried out on high water currents and tides. The town has some of the best locations to experience the thrilling white water rafting, which is also the best way to explore Queenstown's rivers.


Rafting Sites

Queenstown is famous for river rafting and the locations that especially favoured for the same include:
1. Kawarau River
Located at a distance of a 25-minute drive from the historic Arrowtown, Kawarau river is 40 minutes away from the Queenstown trough Skippers Canyon. Many operators offer white water adventures at this location.
This river adventure provides an enchanting experience that boasts mind-blowing scenery of the Gibbston Valley wine region along with the country's first bungee jumping site.

2. Shotover Heli Raft
It is a perfect combination of thrill and adventure that takes river rafting to complete new heights that also adds a scenic helicopter transfer. The trip gives a spectacular flight to the rafting launch point on the Shotover River.
One can experience the beauty of the skipper's canyon while exploring the blues of Shotover rivers. The journey also includes darkness of 170 metres long when the raft crosses the overbridge tunnel.


A skilled team of professionals are available in each company that provides packages of rafting tour adventures. The few best operators among them are; Go orange, Queenstown, combos and challenge rafting.
Go Orange
Go orange offers the best rates and ensures a lifetime experience for all the new rafters.
Other Operators
Other than Go orange, operators like challenge rafting and Queenstown combos too provide some of the fantastic combos. All these operators are highly professional and take care of their customers in all manners. The guides provided by all the operators are amicable and well versed with their jobs.


Rafting isn't an expensive sport as compared to the other adventure activities. Different operators have their rates and specifications.
Go Orange
Kawarau River Rafting - NZD 119 
Shotover River rafting - NZD 249
Challenge Rafting operators
Shotover River rafting - NZD 239
Kawarau River rafting - NZD 199.
Combo Package Costs (inclusive of rafting, jet boat ride, clothing and equipment, etc.)
Adults - NZD 490
Children NZD 424

Best Time for White Water Rafting

Optimal Rafting Season
There's specifically no best time, as rafting can be experienced year-round. Though late spring, i.e. October and November are considered to be optimal. At this time the water here isn't too freezing and is high enough to give you the thrilling experience of rafting.
Chilled Experience
Moreover, if one wants to have a chilling experience altogether, then one must go for river rafting in Queenstown during June when the water temperature is biting cold, and the breeze is fresh enough to get you a lifetime cherishable experience.

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