Ahmedabad is the second largest city of Gujarat, also known for as an important business hub. It is also known for preserving its culture, delicious food, and famous markets. The historic city of Ahm (Read More)edabad, or the old part of the city, was declared the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Here is the list of 32 Things to Do in Ahmedabad

1. Mahatma Gandhi Artefacts at Sabarmati Ashram

Mahatma Gandhi Artefacts at Sabarmati Ashram
4.2 /5

Once the residence of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba, Sabarmati Ashram is the site where Gandhiji started the famous Dandi March from. Situated in the 5km north of Ahmedabad's centre, it is located on the tranquil and serene stretch of Sabarmati River.

2. Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Stepwell
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Adalaj Stepwell is a magnificent structure built brilliantly to curb the water crisis in and around Adalaj Village. The stepwell is located at a distance of 3 to 4 kilometres to the southwest of Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat. The Adalaj Stepwell was built in 1498. The entire architecture is an excellent illustration of the intelligence of Indian engineers and architects.

3. Spend a Adventurous Day at Kankaria Lake

Spend a Adventurous Day at Kankaria Lake
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Kankaria Lake is the second largest lake in Ahmedabad, formerly known as Hauz-e-Qutub. Located near the Maninagar area, the lakefront is popular for the balloon safari, zoo, toy trains and amusement park.

4. Shop and Eat at Manek Chawk

Shop and Eat at Manek Chawk
3.7 /5

Manek Chowk, a bustling city square, is located in Old Ahmedabad in Gujarat. If you have a bigger appetite for shopping, this is the place to be, because Manek Chowk plays three different roles in a day. If you manage to spend an entire day here, you'll know how the afternoon takes over the vegetable market and how dusk takes over the bullion market and transforms it into a foodie's paradise.

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5. Visit the Magnificent Jama Masjid

Visit the Magnificent Jama Masjid
3.7 /5

The Jama Masjid situated in Ahmedabad is one of the largest mosques in India built in the period 1424. This marvellous edifice formed a major part of the old walled city and was built by Emperor Sultan Ahmed Shah, who is the founder of Ahmedabad.

6. Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Auto World Vintage Car Museum
3.4 /5

Located in the Dastan of Kathwad, the Auto World Vintage Car Museum is a connoisseur of over 120 vintage cars including old utility vehicles, motor vehicles and ancient carriages. It is organised and maintained by the Vintage and Classic Car Club of India. The museum also houses a cafe and a museum shop with ample parking space and toilet facilities.

7. Explore the Calico Textile Museum

Explore the Calico Textile Museum
3.2 /5

Established in 1949, the Calico Textile Museum located at the Retreat on Airport Road is the oldest textile museum in Ahmedabad. Started by the renowned industrial personality, Gautam Sarabhai and his sister Gita Sarabhai, this museum was opened by the former Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Closed on Wednesdays and Public Holidays

8. Taste the Street Food in Ahmedabad

Taste the Street Food in Ahmedabad
3.1 /5

We're all familiar with the heavy-sounding Gujju snacks; Khakhra, Fafda, Khaman-Dhokla, Thepla, Ganthiya, Patra, Dalvada Undhiyu and Chola Fali, Dabeli, Sev, Farsan and the list goes on. Gujjus are ardent lovers of food; they'll never settle for a no if you refuse their Naashto. The commercial capital of the state boasts sumptuous, delicate and mouth-watering street food in Ahmedabad for all those who don't wish to burn a hole in their pockets.

9. Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

The Statue of Unity is a memorial to The Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The statue has been erected to propagate Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's vision of India and to inspire the Citizens of India through his patriotism and freedom struggle. The Bronze statue stands 182 metres tall grabbing the attention of the whole world as the 'Tallest statue in the World'.

10. Visit Rani ki Vav- UNESCO World Heritage Site

Visit Rani ki Vav- UNESCO World Heritage Site
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Rani Ki Vav or 'Queen's Stepwell' is a distinctive form of water storage system located in the small town of Gujarat called Patan, on the banks of River Saraswati. The 900-year-old structure listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is displayed prominently in the new ₹ 100 currency note issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

11. Traditional Gujarati Thali at Gordhan Thal

Traditional Gujarati Thali at Gordhan Thal

Gujarat food is a combination of sweet and savoury dishes. One of the most famous restaurants in Gujarat is Gordon Thal. It is pocket-friendly offering delicious traditional Indian meals. The place has a hefty amount of diners and is busy throughout the week because of its hot-selling lavish Gujarati Thali.

12. Visit the Archeological Wonder of Jhulta Mina

Visit the Archeological Wonder of Jhulta Mina
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Located in Ahmedabad, Jhuta Minar is one of the most intriguing architectural wonders that the world has ever seen. What makes the minarets unique is if one of the minarets is shaken then the other minaret shakes within a few seconds, while the connecting passage doesn't transmit any movements or vibrations. Many architects and historians have tried to understand the physics and logic behind the unrelated movements of the minarets.

13. Watch a Movie at Sunset Drive-in Cinemas

Watch a Movie at Sunset Drive-in Cinemas

The Sunset drive-in cinema has one of the largest open-air screens in Asia. The place can accommodate up to 665 cars and 6000 people at a time. The cinema also has a food court and gardens along with the auditorium offering extra seating.

14. Visit Kamla Nehru Zoo

Visit Kamla Nehru Zoo
3.2 /5

Popularly known as Kankaria Zoo, Kamala Nehru Zoo was established at Kankaria in 1951. Bracketed by the 117-acre Kankaria Lake, the zoo is home to various Indian species of about 450 animals, 140 reptiles and 2000 birds. The Kamla Nehru Zoo is under the management of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The AMC also looks after Kankaria Lake.

Timings: Closed on Mondays

15. A Shopping Spree in Ahmedabad

A Shopping Spree in Ahmedabad

Contrary to popular belief, Ahmedabad is quite the shopper's paradise. Markets overflowing with vibrant fabrics, chunky jewellery, traditional handicrafts and all things eclectic skinder this city's strong ethnicity growing with a splash of modernity. Due to its ubiquitous wholesale offerings, Ahmedabad has earned the nickname "Manchester of India" which goes to say that this city is just the place you want to be if you're haggling skills are on point.

16. Visit the Open-air Theatre at Vastrapur Lake

Visit the Open-air Theatre at Vastrapur Lake

Situated in Western Ahmedabad, Vastrapur Lake is an ancient lake which was renovated and prettified in 2002. A huge statue of Narsinh Mehta (a famous poet-saint of Gujarat), was installed here and the lake was named after him as the Bhakt Kavi Narasinh Mehta Sarovar. It boasts of an open-air theatre which is used for organising several cultural events in the city.

17. Cafes and Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Cafes and Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Cafe culture is the latest trend of this decade. Cafes are visited by young and old, either to hang out and chat with a group of friends or to sit alone and read in a quiet corner. You get to sit for hours on end and enjoy a delicious meal or just a cup of freshly brewed coffee. There are new and innovative cafes coming up across the city

18. Explore the Masterpiece Design at Dada Hari Wav

Explore the Masterpiece Design at Dada Hari Wav
3.5 /5

Situated in Asarwa, 15 km from Ahmedabad, the Dada Harir Wav, initially known as the Bal Harir Stepwell is among the two famous step-wells of the region. Established during the Mehmud Begda era, this octagonal stepwell designed in sandstone is a remanence of the Solanki style of architecture. It is a space of respite for the locals during the summers.

19. Vaishno Devi Temple in Ahmedabad

Vaishno Devi Temple in Ahmedabad
3.2 /5

Located along the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, also known as the Vaishnodevi Circle, the Vaishnodevi Temple is a stone-built place of worship. The temple architecture is a deep carving of about 50 feet in diameter into an artificial rock. Citing a 1350-square-feet hall, the temple can house about 5000 devotees at a time.

20. Historical Architecture at Bhadra Fort

Historical Architecture at Bhadra Fort
3.1 /5

Located in the walled city of Ahmedabad, the 44-acre-Bhadra fort composes of intricate carvings, latticework and frescos alongside impeccable arches and inscriptions at the entrance. Built-in 1411 by Ahmed Shah I, the walling is said to have been established to protect the Gujarat Sultanate, reigned by Ahmed Shah I at the time.

21. Visit the Sun Temple at Modhera

Visit the Sun Temple at Modhera

Modhera is an ancient village in the state of Gujarat, famed for housing the remains of the Sun Temple built by the Chalukya dynasty is a true historical treasure. The village is surrounded by a mystical aura that the Sun Temple brings along, it is also a hub for spirituality and culture. Modhera is one of the finest testaments of the architectural excellence of the past.

22. Taste the street food at Law Garden

Taste the street food at Law Garden
3.7 /5

Law Garden, a lush green garden is located in the middle of a bustling city. The night market is a treat for shoppers as the true colours of Vibrant Gujarat shimmer in the kiosks, and one can find intricate traditional work on the flamboyant items on sale.

23. Learn the Role of Science at Gujarat Science City

Learn the Role of Science at Gujarat Science City

Located on the Science City Road in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Science City is a remarkable initiative taken up by the Government of Gujarat to spread general awareness and a scientific temperament especially among the youth of the country. Spread over 107 hectares of land, the centre also holds frequent talk shows and workshops for students and science enthusiasts.

24. Relax at Dhanvantari Garden

Relax at Dhanvantari Garden

Dhanvantari Garden is another one of the pretty gardens in Ahmedabad situated in Dungarshinagar, Paldi. The garden boasts plenteous greenery and umpteen benches where you can go and relax. Besides the spacious tracks for jogging and walking, the park is flocked by local kids in the evening who come to enjoy outdoor games and activities.

25. Shop at the Law Garden Night Market

Shop at the Law Garden Night Market
3.2 /5

The Law Garden Night Market, situated at the Law Garden in Maharaja Society is a prominent night market in Ahmedabad. Housing an array of authentic stalls from Kutch and Saurashtra, the top buys here include traditional clothing, wall hangings, bandhej sarees, long colourful skirts (chaityas) antique jewellery, and traditional footwear and home decor items.

26. Picnic Spots Near Ahmedabad

Picnic Spots Near Ahmedabad

The picnic spots near Ahmedabad cater to nature and cultural enthusiasts. While sanctuaries like Nal Sarovar, Thol and Vadla offer serene environments and excellent bird watching, places like Akshardham temple, Polo forest and Sarkhe Roza are popular among history and cultural buffs. One can also find resorts and theme parks to take their kids along for a fun weekend's picnic.

27. Visit the Historical Swaminarayan Temple

Visit the Historical Swaminarayan Temple
4.3 /5

Located in the Kalupur area of Ahmedabad, Shri Swaminarayan Temple (also known as Akshardham Temple) is a shrine dedicated to Narayan Dev. This splendid temple was built in the year 1822 on the instructions of Swaminarayan, who was the founder of the Swaminarayan sect of Hinduism. Inside the sanctum, the deities are decorated with ostentatious ornamentations and beautiful fabrics.

28. The Beautiful Hutheesing Jain Temple

The Beautiful Hutheesing Jain Temple
3.5 /5

Established in 1848, the Hutheesing Jain Temple is one of the most revered Jain temples in Ahmedabad. Situated on Shahibaug Road of Bardolpura, this temple project, initially taken up by Sheth Hutheesing Kesarisinh was further completed by his wife, Shethani Harkunwar and posthumously named after Kesarisinh.

29. Snow Park at Maniar's Wonderland

 Snow Park at Maniar's Wonderland

Situated on the Sarkhej Sanand Highway in Ahmedabad, Maniar's Wonderland, true to its name, is truly a wonderland for both the adults and kids. It is the best place to beat the heat amidst snow or in the water park while having fun all the while. Among the most thrilling and popular rides are Aqua Roller, Aqua Splash, Zip Line, Wonder Chair etc.

30. Water Sports at Sabarmati Riverfront

Water Sports at Sabarmati Riverfront

Sabarmati Riverfront is a waterfront developed on the banks of the River Sabarmati in Ahmedabad. The place is now a major tourist attraction owing to its lush green promenades, beautiful parks and plazas and an all-around soothing ambience. You can enjoy interesting water sports like jet skiing, high-speed boat rides, and paddle boating.

31. Shanku's Water Park

Shanku's Water Park

Shanku’s Water Park And Resort are situated on the Ahmedabad - Mehsana Highway in Ahmedabad. Spread across 75 acres of lush green land, the water-based theme park and resort is a popular recreational space in the city. Besides the umpteen thrilling water and regular rides, the resort also has stay and accommodation options for an extended trip.

32. Indulge in Lip-Smacking Food at Food Truck Park

Indulge in Lip-Smacking Food at Food Truck Park

Food Truck Parks in Ahmedabad offer visitors the best dine-out experiences. These multi-cuisine parks not only offer visitors drool-worthy meals but are also the stage for live performances, be it music, theatre or games. These usually open in the evening and run till late at night, giving a unique experience of the food and culture of the country. Mostly located on the city's outskirts, food parks provide the quickest getaways!

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