Gorgeous Gardens in Ahmedabad for a Day Amidst Nature

List of Gardens in Ahmedabad

The gorgeous gardens in Ahmedabad are nestled in almost each and every neighbourhood of the city, lighting up the areas with their green environment, their vibrant ambiance and their peaceful vibe. T (Read More)hese charming gardens in Ahmedabad graciously blessed with ample greenery, dotted with trees and lined with flowers and fountains, are a common favourite spot of both the adults and the kids. While the plenteous nature in these gardens in Ahmedabad is an ideal way for the adults to relax and rejuvenate, the plenty of play spaces and clearings make up for the perfect playground for the kids. Some of these beautiful gardens in Ahmedabad also boast of lakes within the premises and facilitate activities like boasting while some others are replete with swings and rides and draws a large influx of youngsters and kids on everyday basis. All in all, these gardens in Ahmedabad are the best way to take a break from the din and chaos of the city and spend a relaxed day with friends, family and loved ones.

Here is the list of 10 Gorgeous Gardens in Ahmedabad for a Day Amidst Nature

1. Law Garden, Ahmedabad

Law Garden, Ahmedabad
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Law Garden, a lush green garden in the middle of a bustling city, is located in Ahmedabad in the colourful Indian state of Gujarat. This well-maintained oasis is frequently visited by locals for recreational purposes. The garden is famous for its market where tourists and locals indulge in shopping and find great deals. The night market is a treat for shoppers as the true colours of Vibrant Gujarat shimmer in the kiosks, and one can find intricate traditional work on the flamboyant items on sale. It's a fabulous place to buy traditional Gujarati apparel, accessories, ornaments and handicraft with traditional handwork on them.

2. Parimal Garden, Ahmedabad

Parimal Garden, Ahmedabad

Located on the Parimal Cross Road in Ambavadi, Parimal Garden is a beautiful well-maintained garden in the heart of Ahmedabad. Replete with swings and dotted with stone benches, the park is popular among both adults and kids alike. Mostly used for morning and evening walks, the garden also has routine laughing clubs for the elderly.

3. One Tree Hill Garden, Ahmedabad

One Tree Hill Garden, Ahmedabad

One Tree Hill Garden located in Kankaria in Ahmedabad is synonymous with beauty. Boasting of a charming lake, charming gateways, well-maintained lawns, orderly flower beds and charming fountains, the garden also has the ruins of an ancient structure as a decor to its ambiance. It is one of the most visited and finest gardens in the city.

4. Victoria Garden, Ahmedabad

Victoria Garden, Ahmedabad

Victoria Garden is situated in the south of Ahmedabad near Bhadra Fort. The garden spells beauty and charm with its well-maintained lawns, pretty flower beds, rejuvenation trees and spacious play areas. The garden also has a life like statue of Queen Victoria installed in the heart of it.

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5. Vastrapur Lake Gardem, Ahmedabad

Vastrapur Lake Gardem, Ahmedabad

Situated in Western Ahmedabad, Vastrapur Lake is an ancient lake which was renovated and prettified in 2002 and in 2013 a huge statue of Narsinh Mehta (a famous poet saint of Gujarat), was installed and the lake was named after him. The lake has an adjoining garden full of green trees and vibrant flower beds. It boasts of an open air theatre which is used for organising several cultural events of the city.

6. Dhanvantari Garden, Ahmedabad

Dhanvantari Garden, Ahmedabad

Dhanvantari Garden is another one of the pretty gardens in Ahmedabad situated in the Dungarshinagar, Paldi. The garden boasts of plenteous greenery and umpteen benches where you can go and relax. Besides the spacious tracks for jogging and walking, the park is flocked by local kids in the evening who come to enjoy outdoor games and activities.

7. AUDA Garden, Ahmedabad

AUDA Garden, Ahmedabad

Situated in Bodakdev in Ahmedabad, AUDA Garden boasts of vast stretches of well-maintained green lawns, tall towering shady trees and a peaceful ambiance. The garden has patches of lovely flower beds lighting up the space with vibrant colourful flowers. It is a perfect place to escape the chaos of the city to relax and rewind amidst natural surroundings.

8. Usmanpura Garden, Ahmedabad

Usmanpura Garden, Ahmedabad

Usmanpura Garden is situated in Shanti Nagar, Usmanpura suburb of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The garden is nothing but sheer delight to spend an evening in summer or to celebrate a sun soaked day picnic in winters. With littered trees, small water tanks, fountains, jogging tracks and play spaces, the garden is a common favourite among kids and adults.

9. Gotila Garden-Talav, Ahmedabad

Gotila Garden-Talav, Ahmedabad

Gotila Garden-Talav is a vibrant green garden situated in Sindhubhavan Road, Thaltej in Ahmedabad. Blessed with vibrant flowers, beautifyl water sprinklers, quaint benches and shady trees, the garden is a haven for city dwellers as well as birds. People also come here to look at the numerous birds that flock the place at early morning or late evening.

10. Bansidhar Garden, Ahmedabad

Bansidhar Garden, Ahmedabad

Bansidhar is another one of the beautiful gardens situated in the heart of the city. With an array of green trees and plenty of spaces, the garden is ideal for both relaxing or for games and activity. People mostly visit it for their routine walks. In the evenings, you will find several parents flock the garden with their kids owing to the presence of a plethora of swings and rides.

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