Water Parks in Ahmedabad

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Water Parks in Ahmedabad

Summers are at their prime, and scorching sun spoils almost every plan of a day outing. However, the water parks in Ahmedabad are the ultimate blessing. What better way to relax and enjoy than immersing yourself in cool water and kick-starting the adrenaline rush by taking thrilling water rides. The water parks in Ahmedabad are varied with a lot of options in the biggest city of Gujarat.

Here is the list of 5 Water Parks in Ahmedabad

1. Jaldhara Water World, Ahmedabad

Situated near the naturally beautiful Kankaria Lake, Jaldhara Water World spans over an area of 15,000 sq. feet. It is a perfect picnic spot and water park in Ahmedabad for both kids and adults. It has an in-house restaurant which serves authentic Gujarati Cuisine. It is an ideal choice for someone looking forward to a more natural setting and traditional Gujarati food.

Price: INR 300 per person.
Timings: 8AM-10PM
Address: Kankariya, Ahmedabad

2. Shanku's Water Park

Shanku's Water Park and Resort is a famous water park in Ahmedabad. Sprawling over 75 acres of green and lush land, it is a three-star property. There are a number of entertainment rides that can be found suitable for all age groups. Some of the rides that Shanku's offer are aqua tube, aqua shuttle, tumble jumble, shanku's twister and zip zap zoom. The water park has a special kid's planet, a racing slide, a wave pool, a rain dance floor and a lazy river.

Price- INR 500 per person.

3. Splash: The Fun World

Splash is another popular water park in Ahmedabad which offers not only water rides but many other recreational activities which are ideal for less adventurous people who are looking for relaxation rather than thrill. The water park has more than 25 water rides which can be enjoyed by kids as well as grown-ups of all age groups. There is a waterfall, a multi-cuisine restaurant, a banquet garden and a conference hall too. All in all, Splash is a perfect choice for family picnics and corporate getaways.

Price- Adult: INR 750, Child: INR 600 (Inclusive of food)

4. Maniar Wonder Land

Maniar Wonder Land is one of the most well-known water parks in Ahmedabad and is popular among kids and adults alike. It offers a wide variety of rides like an aqua roller, aqua splash, aqua ball, bumping car, crazy car, desert bikes, joy train, joy boats, kids play zone, etc. It also has a snow themed park attached to it which gives the experience of real snow which you can touch and play with. Maniar is a complete chill out destination for summers that surprises everyone visiting it.

Price- Adult: INR 220, Child: INR 180

5. Swapna Srushti Water Park

On the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Swapna Srushti is one water park which promises to have something for every age group, be it a baby as young as one year old or a senior citizen aged 70. This water park near Ahmedabad is constructed on a massive area of 130 acres and is speckled with abundant greenery. Swapna Srushti has many entertainment points such as fog area, waterfall, lake, snowfall area, demon mouth cave, rain and sea waves which all have been artificially created for rendering an unforgettable experience to visitors. Moreover, there is a resort inside the park where visitors can stay over with their friends and family.

Price- INR 400 per person

Be it, kids, youngsters or senior citizens, everyone loves water parks. They are perfect for an outing on a hot sunny day and can be enjoyed with the whole family or group of friends. Being the capital of Gujarat, the water parks in Ahmedabad are amazing which not only offer large pools and thrilling water rides but extraordinary experiences like artificial snow, rain and even waterfalls. In-house resort and restaurant facilities make them viable options for a rejuvenating weekend getaway.

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