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Kunti Betta, Mysore Overview

Nestled in the town of Pandavapura between two hills, Kunti Betta is a perfect place to get away from the helter skelter of the city. This place is surrounded by sugarcane fields, paddy fields and coconut trees that makes the place look beautiful and mesmerizing. Situated at an elevation of 2882 feet, the picturesque scenic views that this place comprises of will make you feel rejuvenated. A number of rocks with fascinating shapes are located here. A crocodile face rock is one of them which provides bird eye view of the whole place. Some rocks are in the shape of utensils and it is believed that they were used by the Pandavas to cook food in. Giant footprint like formations can also be found here which are called Bheemana Pada. Kunti Betta with its historical significance and splendid natural beauty is a magical place to unwind and cherish some quality and peaceful time with your loved ones.

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How To Reach Kunti Betta

By Air: The nearest airport to reach Kunti Betta is the Mysore airport which is located at a distance of 33 km. From the airport rental cars are easily available that will take you to Kunti Betta.
By Rail: the closest railway station to reach Kunti Betta is Mysore Junction Railway Station which is located at a distance of around 30 km. From the railway station rental cars and easily available that will drop you at your desired destinations.
By Road: Kunti Betta is located at a distance of 130 km from Bangalore and 33 km from Mysore. You can rent a car or take your own car to reach Kunti Betta. The roads are free of potholes and you can enjoy a smooth road trip with picturesque scenic views.

Places to Visit

1. Kunti Kund

Kunti Kind is a small reservoir situated at the foot of the hills which is filled with clear blue water. The verdant trees that surround the kind makes everything look spellbinding. You can sit along the edges of this kind with your feet dipping in it and enjoy solitude. You can even take a dip into the cold water to relax your tightened muscles.

2. Kunti Temple

A pristine Temple is located at the foothills of the hill which is visited by a large number of people. This is an important pilgrim place where people come to pray and seek blessings. Make sure to pay a visit to this pious temple before starting your trek up to the hill.

Kunti Temple

3. Parikrama Point

Parikrama Point is the place which provides panoramic views of the whole place. Just by standing here you would get a bird's eye view of the whole place. The variegated hills, lush green trees and the mist that envelops the whole place makes the views from here phenomenal. Make sure to visit this place to be awestruck and dumbfounded.

4. Thonnur Lake

Located at a distance of 10 km away from Kunti Betta, Thonnur Lake is a serene lake that is replete with cold bubbling water. Surrounded by plethora of lush green trees, Thonnur Lake is a perfect place to spend some quiet and peaceful time. The surrounding of this lake is also resplendent which lush green trees. A few moments spend here will make you feel close to nature.

Things to Do

1. Trekking

The variegated and rocky hills with their tortuous paths are perfect up to trek on. Indulging in trekking will pump up your adrenaline level and add the element of thrill in your trip. And in Kunti Betta you can not only trek during the day but also during the night. The night treks are very interesting and full of excitement.Trekking through this magnificent place will also help you explore and witness its scenic beauty.

2. Camping

In Kunti Betta, you also get the opportunity to set up camps and stay amidst lush green trees and rocky hills. Camping in this place will make you feel as if you are in the lap of nature. Make sure to stay in camps and enjoy the splendor of this place to the fullest.

Kunti Betta is a perfect place to relax and be surrounded by nature. You will be enchanted by the greenery and the rugged hills that are found in abundance in this place. You are bound to have a great vacation between hills and trees.


Kunti Betta is named after Kunti, the mother of five Pandavas from the historical epic of Mahabharata. It is believed that Pandavapura stayed at this place during their exile and named this place after their mother who they missed dearly.

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