Astonishing Places to Visit near Indore within 300 km

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Places to Visit near Indore within 300 km

Here is the list of 13 Astonishing Places to Visit near Indore within 300 km

1. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - City of lakes

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - City of lakes
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Known For : Upper Lake Van Vihar, Bhopal Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal is famous for the pair of artificial lakes (Upper Lake and Lower Lake) that split the city. Towards the north of the Lake lies the intriguing old town with rustic mosques, bustling bazaars, serpentine alleys and exquisite havelis. To the south is the new town with swanky infrastructure, shopping complexes and wide roads. It is this contrast that makes Bhopal an exquisite blend of the old and the new, the past and the present, the rustic and the classy.

Distance from Indore: 193 km

Best Time: July to March

30 Bhopal Attractions

2. Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh
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Known For : Asirgarh Fort Jama Masjid, Burhanpur Dargah-E-Hakimi

Burhanpur is a historical town based on the banks of the Tapti River in Madhya Pradesh. The most interesting piece of trivia would be that Mumtaz Begum, the reason why the Taj Mahal was built, died in Burhanpur while giving birth to her fourteenth child. The Queen who immortalized love was buried here for the next 23 years waiting the completion of her famed tomb in Agra. It is located in south-west of Madhya Pradesh state in Central India. This town has a lot of history to it. Burhanpur is also blessed with an amazing water supply system that was developed during the Mughal rule.

Distance from Indore: 180 km

Best Time: October to March

5 Burhanpur Attractions

3. Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh - The land of the Stupas

Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh - The land of the Stupas
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Known For : Sanchi Stupa The Great Bowl Ashok Pillar

Located in Madhya Pradesh, the Buddhist monuments of Sanchi are one of the oldest stone structures in India. Designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the Great Stupa was installed in the 3rd century BC by Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty. The sculptures and monuments present at the site are a fine example of the development of Buddhist art and architecture. The stupa sits atop a hill in Sanchi, 46 km from the city of Bhopal.

Distance from Indore: 238 km

Best Time: July to March

6 Sanchi Attractions

4. Hoshangabad, Bhimbetka

Hoshangabad, Bhimbetka
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Lying along the banks of river Narmada in Madhya Pradesh, the district of Hoshangabad is a charming tourist destination which has a number of tourist destinations located in and around it. It has been named after Hoshang Shah, the first ruler of the Malwa Region. Hoshangabad is blessed with a mix of natural sightseeing and historical monuments that includes a number of picture-perfect attractions such as the prehistoric Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Pachmarhi - a cool hill station, and the refreshing Adamgarh Hills.

Distance from Indore: 222 km

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5. Vidisha, Madhya-pradesh

Vidisha, Madhya-pradesh

Vidisha, a quaint town in Madhya Pradesh is one of the few, less heard of, unconventional places of historic importance. Located near the state capital, Bhopal, it has a rich cultural heritage a number of magnificent monuments, temples and ruins. This place is a huge tourist spot in MP and if you’re a history enthusiast or intrigued by archaeology, this is one place you cannot miss out on! The town is located at the confluence (sangam) of Betwa and Beas rivers, 9 km from Sanchi and to the east of the Betwa river.

Distance from Indore: 246 km

6. Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh - Mini Varanasi

Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh - Mini Varanasi
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Known For : Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga temple Kedareshwar Temple Parikrama on the Island

Situated at the confluence of the rivers Narmada and Kaveri, the holy city of Omkareshwar houses one of the 12 revered Jyotirlingas. Shaped in the form of Hindu religious symbol 'Om', due to the merging of two valleys and a central pool of Narmada waters, it derives its name from 'Omkara' which is just one other name of Lord Shiva. It has two ancient shrines- Omkareshwar and Amarkareshwar. The sacred town also boasts of architectural wonders and scenic beauty, in addition to the pilgrim sites.

Distance from Indore: 77 km

Best Time: October to March

5 Omkareshwar Attractions

7. Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh - The temple town of Madhya Pradesh.

Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh - The temple town of Madhya Pradesh.
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Known For : Holkar Fort Mandleshwar Rajwada

Based on the banks of the River Narmada, this gorgeous town is largely referred to as the temple town of Madhya Pradesh. It also holds a lot of mythological and historical importance given the fact that it has found a mention in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. This was the capital of Rani Ahilyabai Holkar's province, Holkar. She beautified the city with many buildings and public works, the Maratha architecture and this city was also home to her extravagant palace.

Distance from Indore: 95 km

Best Time: October to March

15 Maheshwar Attractions

8. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh - Lesser known architectural masterpiece

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh - Lesser known architectural masterpiece
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Known For : Jahaz Mahal Rani Rupmati's Pavilion Baz Bahadur's Palace

Mandu is the epitome of architectural excellence that our ancestors seemed to have achieved. This city is testament to the unconditional love between Prince Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. Mandu also boasts of the oldest erected monument of India.

Distance from Indore: 95 km

Best Time: October to March

11 Mandu Attractions

9. Udayagiri Caves - Rock-cut Caves in the Heart of India

Udayagiri Caves - Rock-cut Caves in the Heart of India
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Udayagiri mean the mountain of the sunrise, a historical Hindu ritual site home to twenty rock-cut caves near Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh. Vishnu Padagiri is the otherwise known name of the place meaning "the feet of Vishnu". They are extensively carved with iconographies of Hindu Gods, namely Vishnu, Durga and Shiva containing legendary stories of the Gods and their Shrines. Udayagiri hills hold twenty caves dedicated to Hinduism and Jainism sculptures from the Gupta Era. 

Distance from Indore: 246 km

10. Bawangaja - World's Second Largest Megalithic Statue

Bawangaja - World's Second Largest Megalithic Statue
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Located in the Bawani district of the southwestern Madhya Pradesh, Bawangaja is a popular Jain pilgrimage site. Situated just in the vicinity of River Narmada, the spot is best known for the world's second largest megalithic statue (carved out of the mountain) of Lord Rishabhadeva which has been carved out of a mountain. The statue of the very first Jain Tirthankara is believed to have been built in the early 12th century, is around 84 feet high and is supported at the back.

Distance from Indore: 164 km

11. Dharampuri, Indore

Dharampuri, Indore

Dharampuri is a quaint little town filled with historical gems in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh set along the banks of river Narmada, was also said to be the birthplace and abode of Narmada’s daughter Roopmati who married the ruler of Mandu; Baz Bahadur. The town was established by the oldest Pandava; Yudhishthir and is rich in legends and folklores, all adding to its ancient charm and mystery. It is a gateway into the eventful lives of celebrated kings and queens that resided here centuries ago, also home to some stunning architectural marvels of medieval period, Dharampuri is a treasure cove tucked away in to a cosy little town neck that has been a residence to a plethora of Emperors and fostered their tales of benevolence and fortitude.

Distance from Indore: 100 km

12. Hanuwantiya, Indore

Hanuwantiya, Indore

Hanuwantiya is one of the island amongst the archipelago situated in the Indira Sagar river. This place is vibrant and colourful that will surely be a good break from the hustle bustle of the city life. Hanuwantiya island is full of scenic beauty and the cool water that surrounds this island is an added bonus. The adventurous activities and the serenity of this place will makes this place a great holiday destination. During the Jal Mahotsava, this place is thronging with people and the colourful kites and hot air balloons that fly ornate the sky making the whole place look mesmerizing.

Distance from Indore: 4 km

13. Sonagiri, Madhya-pradesh

Sonagiri, Madhya-pradesh

With a sense of spirituality spreading all across the town and the stunning architecture of the Jain temples reflecting the rich heritage, Sonagiri is a place to spend some quality time in Madhya Pradesh, and to soak in its true essence. Sonagiri has at least a hundred Jain temples, small and big and with excellent architecture, scattered all around the town, all of which are top-rated destinations among Jain monks and devotees.

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