Beautiful Places in Turkey

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Beautiful Places in Turkey

Turkey is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. From Ephesus's ancient marvels to Cappadocia's surreal landscapes, Turkey offers a diverse range of travel experie (Read More)nces. Whether you're drawn to the historical treasures of Istanbul or the pristine beaches along the Mediterranean coast, this list guides you to explore the beauty and diversity of Turkey's most captivating locations.

Here is the list of 24 Beautiful Places in Turkey

1. Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul
4.6 /5

The Topkapi Palace is a majestic building which served as the main residence of the Ottoman emperors for nearly 400 years. Today it serves as one of the most important museums in Istanbul. It contains some of the rarest items in the world. Though the complex has several hundred rooms, halls and chambers, only the most significant of them are open to the public.

2. Oludeniz Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz

The Oludeniz Blue Lagoon is a famous bay boasting a peaceful atmosphere, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and stunning beauty. It's a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing on the soft sand, snorkeling, kayaking, and surfing. You can reach the Blue Lagoon by boat or foot with a short hike.

3. Koprulu Canyon, Antalya

Koprulu Canyon, Antalya

Koprulu Canyon is located in Manavgat, Antalya, surrounded by a national park of the same name. It is most famous for river rafting. There are several agencies offering a range of packages for rafting in the clear waters of the river Köprüçay. Most rafting tours offer pick-up, drop-off, and lunch and last between 7 and 24 hours, depending on the package chosen.

4. Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia

Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia
4.2 /5

The Fairy Chimneys in the Cappadocia region of Turkey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is synonymous with thousands of unique rock formations created due to the erosion of volcanic tuff or soft rock. One of the country’s most popular attractions, they are found predominantly within the Goreme National Park. Some of the most well-known places to see Fairy Chimneys include Zelve Valley, Red Valley, Devrent Valley, and Pigeon Valley. Another way to see these mesmerising structures is while on a hot air balloon ride.

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5. Termessos, Antalya

Termessos, Antalya

Termessos is a mountaintop city and one of the best-preserved ancient locations in Turkey, famous for the remains of old structures. It is located in the Gulluk Dagi National Park north-west of Antalya, divided into the Upper City and Lower City. Also called Eagle’s Nest, it is visited for its natural and architectural splendour. Termessos has ruins of the temples, cemeteries with rock-cut tombstones, houses, statues, etc

6. Duden Waterfalls, Antalya

Duden Waterfalls, Antalya

Duden Waterfalls are located 12 kms northeast of Antalya and meet the sea on the city's southeast coast. It is formed by recycled station water. It consists of Upper Duden Waterfalls in a nature park and Lower Duden Waterfall in the suburb of Lara, east of the Old Town.

Entry Fees : Lower Duden Waterfalls: TRY 3
Upper Duden Waterfalls: TRY 5

Timings : Open all year

7. Aladaglar National Park, Cappadocia

Aladaglar National Park, Cappadocia

The Aladaglar National Park in Cappadocia is known for its majestic mountain range, often known as the “Alps of Turkey,” which appear rust-coloured at sunset. It is spread out across the provinces of Kayseri, Niğde and Adana in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. The park is home to the tallest mountains of Turkey's Central Taurus Mountains and is an ideal place for hiking, trekking, mountaineering and bird watching,

8. Manavgat - The Natural Haven

Manavgat - The Natural Haven
4.1 /5

Known For : Manavgat Waterfall Koprulu Canyon Scuba Diving in Manavgat

Located 75 kilometers from Antalya, Manavgat is a coastal town in Pamphylia on the Mediterranean shore of Turkey. It lies almost between Antalya and Alanya and almost blends into Side, a historical holiday destination in Turkey. Nestled in the foothills of the Taurus mountains, Manavgat offers picturesque views of the lush green valleys and hidden waterfalls that can be explored on a jeep tour!

Best Time: June to September

10 Manavgat Attractions

9. Camlica Tower, Istanbul

Camlica Tower, Istanbul
3.9 /5

Camlica Tower is a telecommunications tower located in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul. Inaugurated in May 2021, it is the tallest structure in Istanbul as well as in Europe. The skyscraper has 49 storeys with an observation deck, a small café and a restaurant.

10. Sera Lake, Trabzon

Sera Lake, Trabzon

Sera Lake is a beautiful natural lake and a popular tourist destination because of its scenic and photographic views. Its location and geography favour cool and airy weather, making it a brilliant place for picnics with friends and family. The lake is also popular for birdwatching and boating.

11. Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul

Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul
4.1 /5

The Dolmabahce Palace was the main residence of operation for the Ottomans after the Topkapi. It is built along the Bosphorus Strait and is another stunning imperial structure which today serves as a major tourist attraction. It is home to the largest collection of Bohemian and Baccarat crystal chandeliers in the world.

12. Sirince, Kusadasi

Sirince, Kusadasi
4.3 /5

Sirince is a historical wine village located in the hills, almost 9 km from the city of Selcuk. It is famous for its ancient churches and houses with red-tiled roofs. The picturesque village, with its old-world charm, has a history of locally produced fresh fruit wine. Tourists can take a boat trip, minibus or a 30 minute drive from Kusadasi to reach the village.

13. Cesme Castle, Alacati

Cesme Castle, Alacati
4.0 /5

Cesme Castle served as a military fortress to protect the region against foreign invasions and is a noteworthy historical and cultural site in Turkey. Stroll within the castle vicinity to find defense machineries like urns, ancient weaponry, and sculptures. Climb the castle stairs to enjoy a panoramic view of the city from above! In addition, there’s a museum inside, open to the public displaying artifacts and exhibits about the region's history.

14. Red and Rose Valley, Cappadocia

Red and Rose Valley, Cappadocia
3.7 /5

The most spectacular hikes in Cappadocia are considered to be the trail to Red & Rose Valley, close to Gerome. The loop trail of Rose valley connects it to the Red Valley Trail. The hike starts from Buffe, a shop marked on Google Maps. Take a bus to Cavusin and then walk, or walk straight from Göreme. The trek isn't strenuous, takes around 2-3 hours to complete, and has marvellous viewpoints all along the way! The hike is ideal for beginners.

15. Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey
5.0 /5 View 15+ photos

Known For : Pamukkale Natural Park Travertines Hierapolis

Pamukkale is located in southwestern Turkey, in the Denizli Province. It is very famous for its travertines (hot water springs) which is a magical site with turquoise pools and snow-white cliffs. It is one of the most photogenic places in the world.

Best Time: September

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16. Kekova, Kas

Kekova, Kas
4.3 /5

Kekova, or Caravola, is an island near Demre known for its ancient and mysterious sunken city. The region covers half-submerged remains of a sunken Lycian town and some remains from the Byzantine era. Swimming, snorkelling, diving, and jet-ski rides are forbidden here. However, you can board chartered boats to enjoy a good view of the ruins, which are clearly visible only a few metres below the clear waters.

17. Bodrum

4.5 /5

Known For : Bodrum Castle Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archaeology Gumbet Beach

Bodrum is a beach town nestled in the Bodrum peninsula along the southwestern Aegean Coast. Located opposite the Greek island of Kos, the city is known for its marinas and beaches. One of the most popular vacation destinations in Turkey, Bodrum enjoys close proximity to Izmir, located around 230 kms from it. It is an ideal getaway for people who prefer beach vacations, with its quaint and turquoise blue waters.

Best Time: August to November

23 Bodrum Attractions

18. Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz

Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz

Located on the Turquoise coast of Turkey, the Butterfly Valley is a hidden cove at the foothills of Mt. Babadag. This picturesque canyon is only accessible by boat. Boasting more than 100 species, Butterfly Valley, or ‘Kelebekler Vadisi’, is home to the endangered Jersey Tiger butterfly. A museum is located within the area, giving interested visitors more information about the region's butterflies.

19. Hierapolis, Pamukalle

Hierapolis, Pamukalle
4.3 /5

Hierapolis is an ancient Greek city next to Pamukkale in the Denizli Province of Turkey. The city dates back to the Hellenistic Period and still contains its magnificent ruins. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is mainly known for its hot springs that have been used as a spa since the 2nd century BC. The site is also home to the Tomb of Philip the Apostle.

20. Ephesus, Izmir

Ephesus, Izmir

The ancient city of Ephesus is located in the Aegean region alongside the coast of Lonia. Full of historical sites and ruins of temples and monuments from the Neolithic Age, Ephesus is home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, i.e. Temple of Artemis. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ephesus also houses the Gospel of John, one of the seven churches in Asia mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

21. Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut

The ancient city of Ephesus is located in the Aegean region alongside the coast of Lonia. Full of historical sites and ruins of temples and monuments from the Neolithic Age, Ephesus is home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, i.e. Temple of Artemis. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ephesus also houses the Gospel of John, one of the seven churches in Asia mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

22. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
4.5 /5

Arguably the most spectacular example of Byzantine architecture, Hagia Sophia has been a cathedral, a mosque, and today is a museum and one of the country's biggest attractions. The intricate mosaics and frescoes throughout this majestic mosque are marvellous.

23. Patara Beach, Fethiye

Patara Beach, Fethiye

Patara Beach is one of Turkey's longest and widest beaches and is also considered one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The same sand from the beach forms into sand dunes in the desert through winds and erosion. Hence, the beach’s unique feature is that it looks like a desert. It has been marked as a specially protected area due to the breeding of loggerhead turtles, an endangered species.

24. Mount Ararat, Turkey

Mount Ararat, Turkey

Mount Ararat is situated in Turkey's Agri province, close to the borders of Armenia and Iran. It's approximately 250 kilometers east of Erzurum, 130 kilometers southeast of Kars, and 160 kilometers north of Van. This imposing peak stands at 5,165 meters (16,945 feet) above sea level, surpassing the heights of all continental U.S. mountains except those in Alaska and most in Europe outside the Caucasus.


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