One Place In Each State That You Must Visit

Adventures! Don’t they all have us a little hooked? With several very different relief systems, geographies, climates, people and attractions of various types, India is that bounty waiting to be explored. We’re all Alices, and India is our potential Wonderland! So how would you like to buy a map of the country, scratch the states with a coin, and then be introduced to adventure upon each scratch – we dig the idea! Hence, we bring to you the ultimate travel bucket list of India, hidden inside a Scratch map. Find out what’s inside the map!

1. Arunachal Pradesh: Ziro

Arunachal Pradesh_One Place from each state

Ziro Valley Festival (Source)

If you’re in Arunachal, or even the North East, Ziro is something you just cannot miss. The ultimate cultural retreat among the very friendly tribes and the awesome locales will stick with you for a very very long time. And they have a number of festivals throughout the year, from music to cultural fiestas, which are a glorious treat for travelers.

2. Assam: Majuli River Island

Majuli River Island_One place from each state

Majuli River Island (Source)

Think of a waters so blue that you lose all inhibitions and lose yourself in the calmness of the placid waters. That’s the feel of Majuli for you. If you’re travelling to Assam, do not miss this river island of the mighty Brahmaputra, and do not miss their fresh fish!

3. Bihar : Bodh Gaya

Bihar_ Bodh gaya

A shrine at Bodh Gaya (Source)

The peace and quiet of the Buddhist-dominated town, along with the silence and serenity, make Bodh Gaya our top pick for Bihar! If you ever find yourself in Bihar, do not give Bodh Gaya a miss.

4. Chattisgarh: Dantewada

Ghatarani Temple, Chattisgarh (Source)

Ghatarani Temple, Chattisgarh (Source)

Chattisgarh, the Mecca of Offbeat tourism, is great when it comes to quiet temples hidden away in deep forests, a population of diverse cultures and tribes and some very offbeat tourist places.

5. Gujarat: Rann of Kutch

The White Rann (Source)

The White Rann (Source)

There’s few things you’ll ever see that match up to the beauty of the white Rann paired with the setting sun and the wild, colorful beauty of its amazing locals. Not to mention that if you’re on a road trip, you might want to not come back at all! That makes the White Rann of Kutch, our bucket list pick for Gujarat!

6. Haryana: Dumduma Lake

Damdama Lake (Source)

Damdama Lake (Source)

Damdama Lake, a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, is a must-do from Haryana. Quietly set away in Sohna, this is a great place to run away to if you’re around.

7. Himachal Pradesh: Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj (Source)

Mcleodganj (Source)

The hilly beauty of Himachal is best enjoyed at this hamlet called Mcleodganj, and the beauty and wilderness around it, just adds to the marvel that the place is. If you want to soak in Himachal in its pristine beauty, head over for a short trek to Triund, which sets off from Mcleodganj, and is the most amazing way to go cloud-gazing!

8. Jammu and Kashmir: Ladakh

Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso (Source)

The crown on India’s head, Kashmir, is a delight for anybody who visits. But Ladakh, is in a class of its own. The beautiful lakes, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri are a reason to visit! And oh, if you have the enthusiasm that goes with it, ride to Ladakh! Nothing beats that experience.

9. Jharkhand: Betla Forest

Betla Forest, Netarhat (Source)

Betla Forest, Netarhat (Source)

The only way to enjoy Jharkhand in its entirety is to soak in the nature that still runs thick in its blood. Head over to Betla Forest and say hello to a bunch of adventures and a lot of wilderness – both flora and fauna!

10. Karnataka: Hampi

Hampi _Holidify

Hampi (Source)

The historical ruins of Hampi is the best experience that you’ll probably have in Karnataka. Apart from being one of those places where you can just put on your hiking shoes and walk around for hours, it also is a great place to chill!

11. Kerala: Backwaters of Alleppey

Backwaters of Kerala - Alleppey

Backwaters of Kerala – Alleppey (Source)

Unless you’re there, its highly improbable that you’ll fall in love with Kerala the way you fall asleep – slowly, and then all at once! Although, this is more of the latter. Kerala is called “God’s own country” for a reason, and to find out the reason, you should probably go visit Alleppey.

12. Madhya Pradesh: Bandhavgarh National Park

A Royal Bengal Tiger at Bandhavgarh National Park

A Royal Bengal Tiger at Bandhavgarh National Park (Source)

Wildlife is the most awesome wealth of central India, and Bandhavgarh is an amazing place to see it and enjoy it. The big cats make it all the more enticing, right?

13. Maharashtra: Bhandardara / Matheran

Sunset Point at Bhandardara

Sunset Point at Bhandardara (Source)

And then, there is Maharashtra, with all its silken Sahyadri beauty, with all the lovely waterfalls and mist and clouds and emerald water and peacefulness. Give Bhandardara a go to check off your Maharashtra Travel Bucket List!

14. Goa: Parties at Goa Beaches

Aguada, Goa

Aguada, Goa (Source)

Nothing beats the fun of an all-night party in Goa, and waking up to the roar of the sea and your thoughts to keep you company, right?

15. Manipur: Tamenglong

Enchanting North East

Enchanting North East (Source)

The wild beauty of Manipur, isn’t something you’d want to give up the chance to experience! Plus, for non-veggies, there is some GREAT food as well, that is just fire to gunpowder. Virgin, untouched lands, sure are the calling from God!

16. Meghalaya: Living Root Bridges

Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya

Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya (Source)

Dense forests, clean villages and one of the most awesome natural phenomena ever. Not something you’d want to miss in this life!

17. Mizoram: Lunglei

Lunglei, Mizoram _Holidify

Lunglei, Mizoram (Source)

Clouds, hills and glorious climate all year long make up this amazing experience that is to be found in Mizoram. Going through a Mizo family album is basically wondering, “Damn! They spent all their lives in a Holiday.”

18. Nagaland: Mokokchung

The Mokokchung Skyline _Holidify

The Mokokchung Skyline (Source)

Nagaland is the beauty that is made up of hills and valleys, waterfalls and passes. The food is glorious, and so are the awesome locals. Mokokchung is a high-altitude town that is your mecca for picturesque peace and quiet for a few days.

19. Odisha: Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple_Holidify

Konark Sun Temple (Source)

The beachside beauty is a lovely architectural marvel in India. Drive away from the Puri beach for a few odd hours and find yourself in the beautifully constructed Sun Temple. Winter days are the best time to visit this haven of quiet!

20. Punjab: Golden Temple

The Golden Temple Resplendent in the Sunlight

The Golden Temple Resplendent in the Sunlight (Source)

The eternal beauty of India, the abode of sanctity and peace just cannot be missed if you’re ever in Punjab. You can sit at the Sarovar for hours and reflect, you can listen to the Baani at 4 in the morning and feel completely at ease with your being. The Golden Temple is an experience just too amazing to miss.

21. Rajasthan: Camel Safari at Jaisalmer

Camel Safari_Holidify

Camel Safari (Source)

At the risk of sounding too conformist, a desert camel safari is just too exhilarating an adventure to miss. If you are in Rajasthan, do not risk missing this for the world!

22. Andhra Pradesh: Borra Caves

Borra Caves, Araku Valley _Holidify

Borra Caves, Araku Valley (Source)

While the circuit of Visakhapatnam and Araku is a great road trip journey as well, Borra caves simply cannot be missed. The stalagmite formations in this naturally formed cave are breathtaking, and the wet fragrance that dominates the caves is a beacon from nature itself. Check this off your list to understand the beauty of Andhra!

23. Sikkim: North Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake, North SIkkim _Holidify

Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim (Source)\

While Sikkim has remained on travelers’ fantasies for generations, North Sikkim is just too beautiful to be missed. The Tsomgo Lake, the Gurudongmar lake, the high passes, the snow-capped peaks and all the lovely sunrises, are great additions to add to your “Been there done that” list.

24. Tamil Nadu: Kanyakumari

Sunrise at Kanyakumari - Tamil Nadu, India _Holidify

Sunrise at Kanyakumari – Tamil Nadu, India (Source)

The southernmost tip of India is a delightful odyssey of beautiful beaches, colourful sunrises and sunsets, and a haven for beautiful pictures. At the fear of being roasted, the winters are a better time to visit!

25. Telangana: Hyderabad

Hyderabad's infinite beauty _Holidify

Hyderabad’s infinite beauty (Source)

Some old world charm and biryani make up the newest entrant to the state list, but that is in no way all that Telangana boasts of. Head over to Hyderabad and indulge in history walks, gape at some amazing architecture and dig into the best food that you might ever eat!

26. Tripura, Unakoti:

Sculptures at Unakoti, Tripura_Holidify

Sculptures at Unakoti, Tripura (Source)

Massive rock-cut Shiva and Parvati architecture, cut out of a 30 feet tall rock sculpture, is a marvel you just cannot miss. The state is also home to tea estates, which though smaller than those in Darjeeling in size, are still great places to visit.

27. Uttar Pradesh: Banaras

Ganga Aarti in Banaras_Holidify

Ganga Aarti in Banaras (Source)

On Banaras, Mark Twain has written, “Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together”. To understand the essence of Uttar Pradesh in its entirety, you need to set foot in the holy city at least once, and seep in the beauty of Kashi. Like its been said, “Kadam rakho Kashi mein, tar jaoge Kashi mein.”

28. Uttarakhand: Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers_Holidify

The Valley of Flowers at its best (Source)

Think Uttarakhand, think of the pristine beauty that comes with it. What better way to look at that, than visiting the Valley of Flowers! Between June and September, the valley comes to life with wild blooms and the trek is even more mesmerizing.

29. West Bengal: Darjeeling

Sunrise at Tiger Hill _Holidify

Sunrise at Tiger Hill (Source)

And then there’s Darjeeling, the beauty that is cradled in the northern reaches of West Bengal. To know Darjeeling is to love Darjeeling, and this is the perfect place to visit, if you find yourself in Bengal!



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