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SIMPLE. QUICK. PERSONALIZED. is a destination discovery website that helps travellers find the right destinations according to their preferences and help them plan their holidays in a hassle free manner.

At Holidify, we aim to make discovering your next holiday destination as much of an eye-opener as your vacation itself. We help you break out of the monotony of the same vacation spots you have known for years and open in front of you, a world of possibilities. With our interactive map interface and powerful filters, you can plan your vacation like never before.

Kovid Kapoor, Holidify

Kovid Kapoor


A motorcyclist at heart and a computer geek by nature, Kovid is a computer science B.Tech from IIT Bombay and loves technology.

Rohit Shroff, Holidify

Rohit Shroff


A graduate from IIT Bombay, Rohit loves travelling and fiddling with new ideas, innovative products and everything around it.

Kumar Kislay, Holidify

Kumar Kislay

Marketing Head

A graduate from IIT-Bombay who remains a vagabond at heart searching for varied experiences. He likes books, movies, design and travel in no particular order.

Shashwat Kant, Holidify

Shashwat Kant

Technology Lead

A technology guy, a percussionist and a table tennis player, Shashwat is a graduate from NIT Allahabad and is always in search of varied experiences.

Rajat Jain, Holidify

Rajat Jain

Android Lead

Rajat is a hardcore book lover and enjoys dribbling over different technologies. When he's not doing any of the above, he likes to play Basketball.

Pallavi Siddhanta, Holidify

Pallavi Siddhanta

Content Lead

A post graduate in communication and a total bibliophile, she loves stories, poetry and all things Victorian.

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