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India's favourite trip planning website. Coming soon to the entire world.

Travel planning has always been messy and difficult

Planning every single trip needs answers to a number of questions. Holidify is attempting to collect all the information that you will ever need to plan your trip - from when, where and how, to more hidden gems in every destination, Holidify is the one-stop solution to all your travel planning needs.

Exhaustive, Reliable Content

Our travel guides are editorially curated, so you can trust that they will lead you to the right path. We have invested extensive resources over the last 8 years to build exhaustive, in-depth content for all destinations - to find answers to all your questions.

Goes Around the Globe

We started with a focus on India - and are proud to be building a global company out of India - but our ambitions are global. Soon enough, you will be able to research your trip to any destination around the world on Holidify.

Bootstrapped Success

Every company has its own share of lows and highs, but Holidify has had an absolute roller-coaster ride over the years. From being bootstrapped for a long time, to barely surviving, making a dream comeback, and now surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, Holidify is a bold statement that fundraising isn't the the way to run a startup.


Kovid Kapoor
Co Founder
Rohit Shroff
Co Founder
Anushree Bhatia
Director, technology
Surbhi Parashar
Director, content
Akshobhya Abhigyan
Director, product
Roli Sharaf
Senior Content Manager
Alma Rosina
Senior Content Manager
Shalaka Sreekesh
Senior Content Manager
Aqsa Aleem
Social Media Manager
Joysurjya Hagjer
Content Manager
Ken Chiramel
Senior Content Writer
Vinod Maurya
UI/UX Designer
Milan Chhatralia
Software Engineer
Arif Khan
Software Engineer


JAn 2014
Rohit and Kovid Start Holidify

With the aim of making a travel discovery platform, We (Rohit Shroff and Kovid Kapoor) started Holidify - a product that would help users find the best travel destinations across the world. They could choose and read in-depth information, choose from an exhaustive list of destinations according to their preferences, and plan their trip in entirety from scratch.

March 2015
Early Days and the Sweet Taste of First Success

Holidify's well-researched, in-depth, structured content starts getting early traction by users looking to plan their trips. Thereon, we focused on getting more accurate and in-depth travel content written for the users.

Jan 2016
Going Down, But Staying Afloat

Unable to secure a follow-on round of funding from investors, and not having built a stable enough revenue stream, Holidify was forced to go into hibernation mode. We had to let the entire team go, and we ourselves took up jobs in parallel. But, we still remained committed to keep our product afloat and running, by investing time and money outside of working hours.

JAN 2018
Resurgent Growth

Gradual and continuous efforts over the last two years led us to a position when we no longer needed funding to grow. With the aim of scaling our content offerings to the entire world, we embarked on a long-term goal of making a travel planning website for the entire world. We opened an office in Bangalore, built a team of motivated individuals, and start our mission. Slow and steady does win the race, it seems!

MAR 2020
COVID-19 and The Ongoing Survival

With a traffic of 10M users in the month of Dec-2019, we made ambitious plans for 2020 - of staking a claim as the biggest travel planning website in Southeast Asia. But COVID-19 suddenly pulled down our revenues by 95%, and yet again, we had to go back into a survival mode. But we've already done it before, and we're ready to do this again. Our motto-survive until you succeed!


Holidify in Media

Holidify's Bootstrap Story

3 Years After Firing Ourselves & Shutting Down The Office, This Is How Holidify Bounced Back To Hit 10 Million Users

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Built in India, For the World!
With a focus on long-term growth, and a global vision, Holidify is building the future of travel planning across the world
JAN, 2020
Finding Early Growth
Holidify cracks profitability code, predicts to become operationally breakeven in two years
October, 2015
Raising Angel Funds
Holidify receives angel investment from promoters of Arti Industries group
December, 2014

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Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, and its severe impact on the travel industry, we are currently advising product companies on their product-SEO strategy.
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