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Major Airports: Lengpui Airport in Aizwal, Guwahati in Assam

"Where nature's spirit dwells"

Mizoram, India

Known as the 'Songbird of India', the northeastern state of Mizoram is one of the smallest states in India. The moderate climate of Mizoram, which is comfortable even in during summer makes it an attractive destination for all the tourists. The vast culture and grand festivals of the state have a unique, irresistible charm which can not be explained or read; it can only be felt once you are in the peaceful, serene land of Mizoram. The dense greenery and the 21 hill ranges that stretch throughout the territory of Mizoram is sure to take you surrounded to a different world. An Inner Line Pass is required to enter Mizoram. 

Mizoram offers you a calm, serene atmosphere with exciting outdoor activities in the beautiful lush green surroundings which keeps you close to the peaceful nature. With grand festivals, happy people wearing colourful traditional costumes, Mizoram welcomes you to explore its beauty and richness. Don't forget to stop by the tribal artisans and get amazed by their unique talent and pick a traditional shawl for yourself as a souvenir. For non-vegetarian people, the food of the state will be a real treat while vegetarians will have to choose carefully from the dishes. If you love to be in nature's arms, then Mizoram is the place for you! Indians need an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to enter the state. The cost is INR 170 for a 15-day permit. The process to get an extension is slightly difficult. One can get an ILP documentation done at the Lengpui Airport in Aizwal.

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What's Great about Travelling to Mizoram?

Picturesque landscapes. Balmy weather almost throughout the year.

What's Not So Great about Travelling to Mizoram?

Under-developed infrastructure. Might face transportation problems since there is only one airport in the state in Aizwal. Also, getting a public transport in late evening is difficult since the state usually shuts down by 6:00 PM.

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FAQs on Mizoram

What are the major festivals celebrated in Mizoram?

All the festivals of the state are celebrated with great enthusiasm. The Chapchar Kut festival which is held in March is a gala event. This festival is related to harvesting and marks the onset of the sowing season. All the people gather wearing traditional clothes to celebrate this fete. Cheraw and Bamboo dance forms are also performed. Mim Kut is a religious festival which is celebrated in August and September to pay respect to the people who died in the previous year by offering bread, maize, vegetables and other items. Dancing and singing are also included in this festival. Pawl Kut is another famous festival of Mizoram. In this two-day event, people perform thanksgiving after the completion of harvesting activities. Thaflavang Kut, another festival celebrated in November is also another harvest festival celebrated in all its glory. Anthurium Festival held in September is primarily dedicated to promoting tourism. Dance, music, games, archery, shooting and other exciting activities are a part of this festival.

What is the traditional dress of Mizoram?

Puran is the favourite dress of women. During festivals, Puanchei dress typically worn by women has a combination of white and black shades. Kawrchei is a beautiful blouse woven by hand and is worn with Paunchei while dancing. Females of the great Lusei tribe wear a blue cotton skirt with a jacket and a wrapped cloth. Mizoram men like to keep their clothing simple. They wear a long piece of fabric, and during winters, they wrap around an additional cloth. They wear a combination of red and white colours.

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What are the best adventure activities to do in Mizoram?

Mizoram offers a range of adventures which will surely give you an adrenaline rush. Trekking in Champai, Lunglei town and Phawangpui peak is a great option. The Blue Mountain Peak is famous amongst mountaineers. Besides this, there are other peaks for rock climbers. Tourists can also explore the caves of Mizoram. For caving, the most famous caves are Pukzing Cave and Lamsial Cave. Since many lakes and streams pass through Mizoram, the state offers exciting water sports like angling and boating. Palak Lake, Tamdil Lake, Rengdil Lake and many others are a good option for water sports.

Which is the airport used to reach Mizoram?

Mizoram has one and only airport named as Lengpui Airport which is situated at Aizwal, the capital of the state. The airport is well-connected through daily flights to Guwahati, Kolkata and Imphal. It is located at around 32 km from Aizwal. Airlines like Spice Jet and Air India run on this route. The airport is domestic and therefore does not cater to international cities. Since there is only one airport in the entire state, you might face some transportation hassles.

How are the local people of Mizoram?

Mizoram is mostly inhabited by tribal people who are humble, friendly and extremely creative in nature. Most people speak in English besides Mizo. Christianity is the dominant religion of people, and they celebrate all the religious as well as Anglican festivals such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, Boxing Day and Easter. There are a limited number of people who follow Islam and Hinduism. The tribes are very hospitable as they not only welcome tourists with a smile on their faces, but they also dance and sing to entertain their guests. The traditional crafts of Mizoram are weaving and cane and bamboo work. The Mizo women weave intricate traditional designs on their looms. The shawls woven by the tribal people are as beautiful and crafty as the state itself. Cheraw, Khuallam, Chheih lam and Solakar or Sarlamkai are the dances of the state.

What is the history of Mizoram?

Mizoram's history goes back to the 16th century when the Mizo Tribes crossed the Chinese border. During the 18th and 19th century, the area witnessed numerous tribal wars, and in 1898, the region came under the British rule. Mizoram's first political party was the Mizo Common People's Union, formed in 1946. After the independence in 1947, the Bordoloi Committee was set up to advice on the tribal affairs of the northeast. However, demand for a separate state was raised, and in 1955, a new political outfit - the Eastern Indian Union was founded. After many years of protests, Mizoram was recognised as a full-fledged state of the country in 1987. 

What is the landscape of Mizoram?

Mizoram is a fascinating land of vast mountains and hills. The rivers and streams running through them add to the beauty of the state. The tallest of the hills is the Phawngpui or Blue Mountain with a height of around 2210 metres. The northern part of the state comprises of important rivers like Tlawng, Sonai, Dhaleshwari. Rivers like Mat, Tyao, Tuipui and Tuichang run through the south of the state. The picturesque lakes like Palak Lake, Tamdil or Rungdil Lake attract tourists from all over the world.

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