Best Time to Visit Mizoram

What is the best time to visit Mizoram?

Mizoram witnesses three seasons- summer, winter and monsoon. However, extreme temperatures are not observed in any of the seasons. Summer starts in March and then monsoon season starts taking over from May onwards. Winter is the best time to explore the state. The cool weather along with lovely landscapes will swoon you. The temperature during this period remains in perfect range for travellers.

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Mizoram in Summer (March - May)

March marks the onset of the summer season in Mizoram. The temperature is not too hot during this season. It lingers around 25 degrees Celcius. Summer lasts for a short period in the state. This is not the best time to visit as compared to winter season because winters are more comfortable and welcoming.

Mizoram in Monsoon (May - September)

Monsoon season starts taking over summers from May, and heavy rainfall continues until September. The weather during this period remains very wet and humid. It is advised not to visit the place during monsoons as rain restricts outdoor activities and adventures.

Mizoram in Winter (October - March)

From October, the mercury starts taking a dip but this season is just perfect for tourists to explore the state. The winters are not harsh and offer a soothing environment for outdoor activities. The temperature remains between 11 to 21 degrees Celcius. Adventures like trekking can also be enjoyed during winters.