Best Time to Visit Manipur

What is the best time to visit Manipur?

It is advised to visit Manipur during winters until the onset of summers; most suggest the duration between October to March as the ideal time to pay the state a visit. While the weather is not so harsh throughout the year, it's considerably more pleasant and cosy during winters and very welcoming as it gets slightly warm with the coming summers.

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Manipur in Summer (April - June)

The state of Manipur experiences summers from the month of April until June. During this time, the temperature varies between 16 to 36 degrees Celcius. While it isn't too uncomfortable, it tends to get too hot and humid during days when the mercury soars up, and tourists prefer to stay indoors. However, early mornings and late evenings continue to be breezy and pleasant.

Manipur in Monsoon (June - September)

From June to September, Manipur experiences moderate rainfall. While most travellers avoid planning a trip during these months because of connectivity issues, a section of nature lovers particularly enjoys the sight of the blue mountains in all their glory right after a downpour.

Manipur in Winter (Ocotber - March)

The most preferred time to travel to Manipur. The temperature is known to go as low as 0 degrees Celcius. The snow-covered peaks and chill in the air make the trip worthwhile.