What is the best time to visit Chandel?

Winter season is the best season for a visit to Chandel. The months when Dantewada is ideal for a trip is for the months of October - February. Summers are also a good time to visit, especially regarding the budget travellers while monsoon season, with heavy rainfall and high levels of humidity, is seriously the least advisable time for a visit.

Weather in Chandel


Upcoming Chandel Weather

Monthly Weather in Chandel

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 8 25
February 10 27
March 14 27
April 18 29
May 20 31
June 23 29
July 23 29
August 23 31
September 23 30
October 20 30
November 14 26
December 10 25

Chandel in Winter (October - March)

This is the most advisable time for a trip to Chandel The area is pleasant for a visit at this time, and ambience beautiful, with the temperatures rarely going below 5 degrees Celcius. It is advisable though to carry some woollen clothes for safety as well.

Chandel in Monsoon (July - September)

This is the worst time for a visit to the site, owing to the heavy rainfall and high levels of humidity, which would restrict your outdoor activity, and might ruin your travel plans.

Chandel in Summer (April - June)

This is a good time to visit the Chandel if you wish to beat the heat and avoid the rush. This is heaven especially for the budget travellers, who'll find it the best to visit Chandel.

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