Best Time to Visit Tripura

What is the best time to visit Tripura?

Like all North-Eastern state, the climate in Tripura throughout the year is relatively humid yet cooler than the mainland temperature. Because of the uneven terrain, the climate in each region and city varies considerably depending on the altitude. Overall, winter is the best season to visit this state since the temperature is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing in the towns and to witness the beautiful natural wonders. It is best to avoid the monsoon since this state receives heavy rainfall and may result in loss of road connectivity leaving tourists stranded. The heavy rainfall and high humidity also prevent any outdoor activity.

More about Best Time to Travel to Tripura

Tripura in Summer (March - May)

Summer in Tripura begins in March and lasts until May with late April and May being the hottest months. The temperature may rise to 33 degrees Celsius and humidity is around 50%. However, because of the undulating terrain, the temperature widely varies according to altitude and some regions remain cool even in the summers.

Tripura in Monsoon (June - September)

This season lasts from late May to September, and there is rain throughout the four months. The rainfall is brought by the South-Western winds that are blocked by the hills of the state and result in the rain on the windward side. There is frequent flooding and rivers may overflow leading to loss of connectivity with the mainland. Humidity may be as high as 85% during the monsoon and temperatures are usually between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Tripura in Winter (November - February)

Winter lasts from November to February and is the most comfortable time for tourists to visit the state. The humidity is lowest during this period, and rainfall is intermittent but very less. The temperatures vary between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius, and this gives impetus to the growth of vegetation which leaves the cities fresh and green at the end of the monsoon.