Places To Visit In Oceania

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Budget: Moderate

Here are the top 16 destinations to visit in Oceania

1. Melbourne

4.0 /5

1 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Second, only to Sydney in terms of population, Melbourne is a vibrant city in southern Australia, considered to be the cultural capital of the country. Considered to be one the best cities in the world to live in, it has long vied with Sydney to be Australia's picture postcard destination. Melbourne...

2. Sydney

4.3 /5

2 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Sydney is Australia's largest city and its most iconic tourist destination. Home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, this city is a mix of the country's best beaches, coastal and hilly hikes, modern art galleries, affluent shopping and lavish fine dining. Australia has fast e...

3. Tasmania

4.0 /5

3 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Located south of Australia across the Bass strait, Tasmania is the country's only island state and is largely covered by untouched natural and rugged landscapes. A little under half of the island comprises natural reserves, national parks, protected areas and UNESCO heritage sites. Tasmania was...

4. Darwin

4.2 /5

4 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Darwin is an exciting combination of comfort and adventure. Darwin's balmy weather is something which feels right out of storybooks. The awesome food and culture when paired with the local attractions, they are a treat to anyone visiting Darwin! The outdoor festivals, especially, brings out the best...

5. Auckland

5.0 /5

5 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Auckland is one of New Zealand's oldest and most historic cities apart from it being the largest and most populous, making it one of the country's most important tourist hubs. Situated by two large harbours, Auckland combines natural beauty and city scapes, drawing in visitors for leisure ...

6. Brisbane

4.2 /5

6 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Brisbane is the most populous city in Australia. Owing to its subtropical weather, Brisbane is also the perfect city to soak up some Australian sun! It is blessed with sunny days and a lot of things to do around the city which makes it an uncomplicated, fun-loving and laid-back place where everyone ...

7. Gold Coast

3.0 /5

7 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

A city seemingly built entirely from a tourism perspective, Gold Coast is one of Australia's most popular destinations, with a plethora of fun activities and experiences under the sun (pun intended). Home to some of the country's best beaches, surfing and water sports are highly popular here, w...

8. Great Barrier Reef

4.0 /5

8 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

The Great Barrier Reef doesn't really need much of an introduction. It is the single largest composition of living organisms in the world, and without a shadow of a doubt, nature's most revelled masterpiece.

9. Perth

4.2 /5

9 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Western Australia's capital city, Perth, is a wonderful urban settlement with its fair share of daunting skyscrapers and untouched scenic beauty. Home to classic Australian beaches, wonderful marketplaces, brilliant food and exciting wildlife, the city is enticing enough for a trip to the seemingly ...

10. Queenstown

4.3 /5

10 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Queensland is a beautiful town on the Southern Island that is famous for being an adventurer's paradise! With a plethora of activities for the thrill seekers, coupled with some marvellous and picturesque attractions make Queenstown a memorable visit. It is home to some of the most popular ski r...

11. Adelaide

4.2 /5

11 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Adelaide is Australia's most diverse and free-spirited city. Known for its churches and festivals, this Southern Australian city has many activities ranging from the good outdoors, art-centric attractions and events, world-famous eateries and pubs and historical villages. It is also known ...

12. Canberra

4.2 /5

12 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

There is no doubt that Canberra is the most vivid, cheerful and a sensational city. The fact that it has a world-class standard in wining and dining, Canberra automatically becomes the number one choice when it comes to quality holiday-ing. Come enjoy the native bushlands, monuments and galleries. ....

13. Invercargill

3.6 /5

13 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Southernmost and Westernmost city of New Zealand, Invercargill is also one of the southernmost cities of the world. A commercial centre in the Southland region, Invercargill is rich farmland and is surrounded by conservation land and has a lot of marine reserves.

14. Gisborne

3.5 /5

14 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Largest settlement in the Gisborne district

15. Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park

3.5 /5

15 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

Located in the dry Central Australian desert, you would not imagine Uluru to be such a bustling centre for tourism. Yet, it is. And this breathtaking marvel of nature is definitely one worth a visit!

16. Te Anau

3.4 /5

16 out of 16 Places To Visit in Oceania

A small peaceful town in the south island of New Zealand