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Ideal duration: 7-10 days

Central Vietnam Tourism

Central Vietnam, the tourist capital of Vietnam, is riddled with historical sights and national parks, cultural extravaganza and beautiful beaches, Vietnamese customs and western influence, all at once. Central Vietnam showcases the rich history of the country along with culture and heritage. All in all, central Vietnam is not just a geographical heart of the nation, but it actually renders life to an otherwise underrated country.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

There are military sites which will make you sore, there is culture and heritage which will make you smile, there are national parks that will get your adrenaline running and there are ravishing beaches that will bring you to peace.

What's Not So Great?

Traffic in some cities like Danang can be a major turn off. People drive crazily in Vietnam.

For Whom?

Central Vietnam has a lot to show off. Suffice it to say, it is a perfect place for nature lovers and history buffs!

Details of Central Vietnam

If you're into architecture or a proud history buff, Hue should not be missed!

Located in the heart of Vietnam, Hue is the royal capital of the Nguyen kings. It still has the ancient charm of the imperial glories of Vietnam. Numerous citadels and distinct architectures are still present, though a large number of them were destroyed during the American War. Perfume river flowing through the city makes it all the more beautiful and serene.

Savor your imaginations at Phong Ban Ke National Park

If you're a fan of caves and love all the carvings and formations that they serve, Phong Ban Ke National Park is the place to go in Central Vietnam. There are hundreds and thousand of caves inside the park including the largest cave in the world. Many activities such as trekking, kayaking, canoeing and mountain clubbing can be enjoyed here.

Blessed with breathtaking natural beauty

Vietnam, specially middle Vietnam, has a glut of natural beauty all around. With files of trees and a French Architecture to boast around every corner, Vietnam effortlessly makes it to the list of most naturally beautiful countries.

Plethora of water bodies in Central Vietnam

Vietnam is one country which has almost all kind of waterbodies in its kitty. With a number of lakes in different cities and towns to being located on the sidelines of Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin and Pacific sea, Vietam has a lot of water to display! Pretty and serene beaches of Danang and Hoi An make good family vacation destinations.

About places in Central Vietnam

The natural beauty of Ninh Binh and Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is a treat for nature lovers. Hue has a lot to offer which includes towering citadel, royal architecture and temple ruins. Modern day's bustling life can also be experienced in the dynamic city of Danang. And then there are long stretch of mystifying beaches in An Bang.

Food in Central Vietnam

Vietnamese food has a lot of rice in different forms such as noodles, pancakes, porridges, etc. Herbs and fruits are equally used for food. Although non vegetarian food is more easily available and popular in Vietnam. It includes fish sauce seafood, pork, meat and beef. Eggs are also quite popular and available everywhere.

Culture, Religion & Language of Central Vietnam

A lot of western influence can be seen in the cities if Vietnam. But, notably, the ancient Vietnamse culture is still alive in the daily lifestyle of the native Vietnamese. The religious vibrance is visible through beautiful pagodas and temples. Although very few people are under the influence of religion. Vietnamese is spoken in the country, but English is fairly understood at all the tourist centers and food joints.

History of Central Vietnam

Vietnam has a rich history and is a proud survivor of the infamous Vietnam War with French and the Americans. Some parts of Central Vietnam like Hue have also suffered huge losses. Glimpse of the war can be seen in Hue and other towns.