Countries To Visit In Oceania

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Budget: Moderate

Here are the top 2 countries in Oceania

1. Australia

1 out of 2 Countries To Visit in Oceania

A land of breathtaking contrasts, Australia beckons with its unrivaled natural wonders, vibrant cities, and diverse cultural tapestry. From the sun-kissed beaches of the Gold Coast and the rugged majesty of the Outback to the mystical allure of the Great Barrier Reef, every corner of this vast continent is a testament to its awe-inspiring beauty. Immerse yourself in the bustling urban charm of Sydney and Melbourne, or delve into the ancient tales of the Aboriginal culture. With its unique wildlife and iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Australia promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Down Under.

2. New Zealand

2 out of 2 Countries To Visit in Oceania

New Zealand lies to the southwest of the Pacific Ocean and promises breathtaking landscapes adorned with picturesque coastlines and the mightiest mountains. One of New Zealand's highlights is its opportunities for adventure activities as well as its nice blend of museums, art galleries and heritage sites.