Places To Visit In North Vietnam

Ideal duration: 4-5 days

Here are the top 5 destinations to visit in North Vietnam

1. Halong Bay

4.2 /5

1 out of 5 Places To Visit in North Vietnam

Characterised by towering karst limestone pillars and small islets of various shapes and sizes amidst crystal blue waters, Halong Bay's ethereal beauty is a sight to behold. Located in northern Vietnam, it is the most popular tourist spot this side of the country. Halong Bay, where 'Halong' translat...

2. Haiphong

4.4 /5

2 out of 5 Places To Visit in North Vietnam

Haiphong is Vietnam's third largest city and a major port. Haiphong is an industrial city and you can feel it in the air as soon as you enter. However, Haiphong also offers you with hidden relaxation, tucked and hidden away in the industrial town. It has a number of beaches and markets in addition t...

3. Bai Tu Long Bay

4.1 /5

3 out of 5 Places To Visit in North Vietnam

Bai Tu Long Bay in Northeastern Vietnam is an extension of Ha Long Bay - A UNESCO World Heritage site -  located at a mere 30 km from it. However, this small distance creates a vast difference in the experience that you can have here! The same limestone karsts, teal blue waters and languid crui...

4. Ba Be National Park

4.9 /5

4 out of 5 Places To Visit in North Vietnam

Located at a distance of 240 kilometres from the city of Hanoi, Ba Be National Park is a stunning national reserve blessed with rolling hills, tall limestone karsts and over 550 plant varieties. It is also populated by 353 types of butterflies, 65 types of mammals and the rare Vietnamese Salamander.

5. Hanoi

2.2 /5

5 out of 5 Places To Visit in North Vietnam

Perched on the banks of the Red River in Northern Vietnam, Hanoi is Vietnam's capital and one of the world's most ancient cities. Boasting well-preserved colonial buildings, golden pagodas, unique museums, mouthwatering cuisine, entertainment destinations, and traditional bazaars, Hanoi is a melting...