How To Reach Zagreb

How to Reach Zagreb

Zagreb is well connected through rail, road and air. It is easily accessible through all these means from any city in Croatia. Zagreb International Airport is the main airport in Croatia with excellent domestic and international connectivity. Zagreb can be reached via train and road from almost all European cities.

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How to reach Zagreb by flight

Zagreb being a transit hub sees direct flights to multiple destinations including, but not limited to Dubrovnik, London, Brussels, Naples, Paris, Vienna, Dusseldorf and Zurich. The airport is located approximately 45 mins away from the town centre and airport shutle buses and cab are easily available from outside the airport.

How to reach Zagreb by bus

There are a number of international bus services running to and from Zagreb to the major cities in Croatia and elsewhere. The buses are run by Croatia Bus mostly. Zagreb bus terminal website is a good medium to direct all your bus queries.

Local transport in Zagreb

Trams are undeniably the best way of commuting within the city. There are 15 routes in Zagreb, and you will find tram tickets which are sold in a pack of ten at any newspaper kiosk. Purchase of tickets can be made through cash or credit cards. After boarding the tram, do not forget to validate your ticket in the machines.
Apart from trams, an extensive bus system makes commute easy in the city.
Zagreb also has a small yet robust cycle system for commuters who want to pedal through the city.
Taxis are readily available throughout the city, offering reasonable rates compared to other Croatian towns.
A lot of travellers choose to travel through Croatia via self-driven cars. Our advice is to drop the car off at Zagreb and avoid getting stuck in the traffic. Go for public transport within the city instead. However, if you still wish to self-drive, you'll get some great deals with Autoeurope and Economy Car Rentals.

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