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The Capitol Hill boasts of the most popular site in Washington DC- The United States Capitol building. It accomodates the judicial and legislative segments of the US government, and the staff which helps it work. The world-famous White House is where the US President resides, and you can visit this place for free!

You can absolutely not miss the Capitol building and its spectacular Rotunda (dome). Along with the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Capitol is also home to some startling statues, paintings and other historic exhibits. The other highlights in Capitol Hill include the Supreme Court, Library of Congress and the U.S. Botanic Garden. You can also treat your tummy with some delicious meals in Barracks Row. Tourists in Washington DC can also fulfil their desire to see the White House from inside, and get a glimpse of the life of the first person of USA. To get into the White House, you will have to make a booking in advance, atleast 21 days prior to your visit but not before 6 months or more than that.

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Nehad Zein

on Capitol Hill and the White House 4 years ago
The first thing that the walkway outside the white house reminds you of is Rajpath in New-Delhi. The white-house is grand and the airspace above is restricted to a handful of air vehicles. The White (Read More)house and the U.S Capitol are situated directly in line with each other and the Capitol is an even more majestic building. The dome can be seen from miles away. Washington is a city seen best by walking and its extremely peaceful. There are cameras literally everywhere and the city has a very rich history. Signified by the sheer number of museums in the city.
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