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How to Reach Vienna from India

Vienna is an international city with an international airport of its own. If you are planning to visit the city from India, there are several direct as well as connecting flights from various India cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad etc. There are several flights that ply on regular basis to and from India to the city of Vienna such as Jet Airways, Air India, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Niki, Lufthansa and many more.

How to reach Vienna by flight

The city of Vienna houses an airport of its own located just outside the city limits namely Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat). The airport serves as a base to the flag-carrier Austrian Airlines along with the budget airline Niki. Several international airlines including from most of the European countries and plenty of intercontinental airlines plies direct flights to Vienna regularly. However, if you are flying from Aerica, your only option is Austrian Airlines and there is no direct service to Northern England and Africa (except from Egypt, Libya and Tunisia).

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How to reach Vienna by road

Getting to Vienna by car or taxi is very easy as taxis are easily available and journey is full of scenic beauty. However, one might have to face heavy traffic especially while entering the city during any hour. Also, the parking area is quite limited with time limit restricted to 120 minutes (from 9:00 to 22:00, Monday to Friday). It is advisable to use other modes of transport for travelling to Vienna.

How to reach Vienna by train

The rail network of Austria is quite efficient, comfortable, reliable and adorned with all sorts of modern facilities. The city of Vienna is home to several major stations with all their names starting with the German word –Wien”. The southern and the Western main train stations are well connected to the rest of the city where most people arrive. One can easily reach the other cities of Austria such as Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, Munich, and Venice from the main stations of Vienna through regular rail service. One can also connect to Vienna from other countries such as Germany (RailJet, Euro Night Line), Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece and many more through various trains, some plying regularly while other not so frequently.

How to reach Vienna by bus

Vienna being one of the favourite hotspot for tourists offers several bus services that come into the city on daily basis. There are plenty of international bus services offering huge discounts for particular age groups say for those under 26 and over 60 on walk-up fares (not applicable on promo tickets). Eurolines Austria is one of the most popular service and the largest operators with their own vehicles and providing with assured quality. However, this is not the case with every other international partner. Also, Eurolines also affiliates with other countries to provide inbound service such as with Slovak, thus always visit the official web page to confirm the arrival and departure countries' Eurolines affiliated operator for the best offer and also for the non-affiliated carriers. There are two major bus stations in Vienna namely Vienna International Busterminal (VIB) and Waldmanngrônden. Along with the other stations, these two serve for several national and international locations to deposit passengers. There are buses plying to and from many countries including Bratislava, the Czech Republic, and Hungary along with local city stops from Vienna International Airport. Although the international bus services at times are cheaper but are slow and less comfortable. The streets and highways are in good condition and one can cross the border 24X7 through major crossing points.

How to reach Vienna by Waterways

One can also arrive in Vienna through riverboats to and from places such as Linz, Bratislava and Budapest through River Danube, but the journey is slow, uncomfortable, and quite expensive.

Local transport in Vienna

Vienna offers an extensive network of public transport managed by the Vienna Transport Authority, which includes trams, rail, commuterês rail, buses, subways and taxis. The ways of commuting are inexpensive and quite efficient. The rail network is fast and reliable with complete informative timetables, discounts and great services available on rail website. The underground subway is easy to navigate. Metros or U-Bahn runs daily from 5:00 to 00:30 and all day long on Fridays and Saturdays. One can ride S-Bahn trains while visiting the surrounding districts and towns. Trams are another great way to get around the city and for sightseeing. They run every 5-15 minutes between 05:00 and 00:30. Bus service in Vienna mostly serves in suburbs and is not so popular with tourists but night buses that replace the U-Bahn from 00:45 to 05:00 on weekdays are quite handy and cheap. A single ride ticket costs EUR 210, a 24-hours ticket costs EUR 710, a 48-hours ticket costs EUR 1240 and at last a 72-hours tickets costs around EUR 1540. One can purchase the ticket from multilingual machines at every U-Bahn station and on buses and trams. The ride is free for children up to six years old. The Vienna Card with 72-hours of travel through public transport plus more than 200 discounts to museums, concerts, caf_s, and more, costs EUR 2190. One can buy it from Tourist Information Offices or from the Wiener Linien offices.

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