Places To Visit in Italy

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Here are the top 8 tourist places in Italy

1. Venice

4.8 /5

1 out of 8
Places to visit in Italy 39
Tourist attractions

A city located in north east Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is known for its beautiful settings, artwork and a predominantly Venetian Gothic architecture.

Best Time: April to November

2. Rome

4.7 /5

2 out of 8
Places to visit in Italy 48
Tourist attractions

The capital of Italy, Rome is a multifaceted metropolis steeped in a rich history of culture. Located on the central western side of the Italian peninsula, the city was founded on the shores of the river Tiber and has an independent country, the Vatican City, within it's borders. The city occupies a...

Best Time: Throughout the year

3. Milan

4.0 /5

3 out of 8
Places to visit in Italy 40
Tourist attractions

A leading global city and the capital of the Lombardy region, Milan is best known for its fashion.

Best Time: April to May or Late September to October

4. Florence

4.1 /5

4 out of 8
Places to visit in Italy 38
Tourist attractions

Florence is the capital city of Tuscany and the Metropolitan City of Florence. This city is endowed with rich historical and cultural heritage. Located between Piedmont and the Coastal Regions of South Carolina, this is the largest city in the North-east part of South Carolina. The Arno river flows ...

Best Time: Throughout the year

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5. Pompeii

4.5 /5

5 out of 8
Places to visit in Italy 5
Tourist attractions

Pompeii, city and comune in the province of Naples, is surrounded by hills and is home to the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii - which was completely destroyed during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. The ruined city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site, and draws close to 25 Lakh tour...

Best Time: March to May, September and October

6. Naples

4.0 /5

6 out of 8
Places to visit in Italy 34
Tourist attractions

Naples is located towards southern Italy, on the western coast, by the Meditarranean sea. It is the third largest city in Italy, one of the oldest and most beautfiul cities in the world. The historic centre of Naples is infact a UNESCO World heritage site.

Best Time: Throughout the year

7. Bologna

4.3 /5

7 out of 8
Places to visit in Italy 26
Tourist attractions

Bologna is the largest city in the Emilia-Romagna region in north Italy, the city is nicknamed 'the learned one', referring to the oldest university in Europe located in Bologna and 'the fat one', referring to the culinary cuisine. Bologna is also a UNESCO 'city of music'.

Best Time: March to October

8. Siena

4.1 /5

8 out of 8
Places to visit in Italy 8
Tourist attractions

Capital of the province of Sienna in the region of Tuscany, Siena is located in central Tuscany and is surrounded by hills and valleys. The city has a magestic medieval charm and is scattered with relics from the age. Today, Siena flourishes as a centre of medieval and Renaissnace art and culture.

Best Time: Throughout the year

FAQs on Italy

What is the currency of Italy?

The currency that is accepted all over Italy is the European Union's Euro. It has 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1?, 2? in coins where 100c make 1?. It has 5Û, 10Û, 20Û, 50Û, 100Û, 200Û, 500Û bank notes

What is the history of Italy?

Italy was first united by Napoleon after the war of Spanish succession. Many wars followed after that where the Italian fought for their country against the Austrian armies. And, in 1852, Count Camille di Cavour, prime minister of Sardinia joined England and France in the Crimean War. By 1860, Modena, Parma, Tuscany, and the Romagna had a plebiscite which resulted in them joining Sardinia. And, Sicily and Naples was also conquered. The annexation of Venetia in 1866 and Rome in 1870 completed the formation of the nation of Italy where Victor Emmanuel II, the king of Sardinia became the king of Italy. After the World War 1, Italy saw the dictatorship of Mussolini which ended after his execution in 1943. And, a plebiscite in June of 1946, removed the monarchy and led to the emergence of Italy as republic country.

What is unique about culture of Italy?

Italy is very popular for its art and music. Famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo are from Italy and their art is found around Italy especially in Rome and Florence. And. it is Italy where opera was born. Most of the opera performances are in Italian language. The majority of Italians only speak Italian. You'll find very few locals who speak English. Even in a city like Rome, it is hard to find localities who speak Italian fluently. As the Italy houses the Vatican City, where the Pope lives, it is natural that a majority of Italians are Roman Catholics. About 90% of the population are Roman Catholics, the rest 10% are dominated by the Protestant, Jewish and Muslim communities

How is Italy divided into regions?

The country has 20 regions and to cities, the Vatican City and San Marino which are independent city-states of Italy. Each region is diverse and unique. You have a city like Venice which is a maze of canals, and then you have the beautiful city of Florence which is full of masterpieces in architecture. Each region has something special to offer you along with great food
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