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Q. I'm visiting Udaipur tomorrow and can u guys tell me what's Udaipur is known for in shopping

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Nupur Kapoor

2 years ago
If you're in Udaipur, you should try Hathi Pol Bazaar, Bada Bazaar, or the Chetak circle. Bada Bazaar is good for camel leather items (footwear, bags) and for fabrics, tie and die and bandhini. Hathi (Read More) Pol and Chetak Circle are great for artwork and handicrafts. You can also try the Lake Palace Road, which specializes in textiles.
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Ashrith Setty

3 years ago
Thanks Nupur Kapoor...

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Q. How is Udaipur in the monsoon?


3 years ago
Udaipur looks beuatiful during the monsoons with the lakes all filled up and the trees on full bloom. You will have a good time there.

Q. I'm based in Delhi and really wish to take a break all by myself. How is Udaipur in that way?

Rajat Jain

2 years ago
For a solo travel break, Udaipur is perfect in a lot of ways. Firstly, the existence of a Zostel makes it easy for a backpack traveler as it is cheap, and you also get to meet a lot of fellow travell (Read More)ers. Secondly, Udaipur is a very friendly city. So you can chat to the locals, gorge on some amazing local food, and spend a lot of your time by the Pichola Lake reading a good book or listening to some music.

Q. Can anyone help me with some information about the weather in Udaipur during the month of August? I am planning to do a bike ride to Udaipur from Pune..

Rohit Shroff

3 years ago
Udaipur will see frequent rains in august, so a bike trip might be slightly difficult. But if you are fine riding in rains, then you can head there for an amazing experience and beauty.
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